To My First Born: My Valentine


A Valentine’s Day Poem to my Almost One-Year-Old:

Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
Almost a year ago,
you made your debut.
It was over a week
after the date you were due.
Dark lashes, blue eyes,
and skin so brand-new.
We thought we had prepared,
but alas had no clue.
Grandparents struggling to pick their new names;
somehow your grandma chose “Boo”?
Frustrated so long at just hearing you cry,
we laughed with delight upon your first coo.
And we never knew babies could produce
so. much. poo.
Weekly, then monthly, check-ups,
and shots to prevent flu.
We survived the first three months,
sighing with a collective “phew.”
Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
Trying mashed peas and carrots,
then Mum Mums to learn how to chew.
Bibs, and rags, and changes of clothes too;
ever-prepared for the inevitable post-meal spew.
Bugs, colds, and viruses,
we tried desperately to eschew.
Six months was big;
lots of firsts and breakthroughs.
Sitting up, crawling,
cruising the furniture too.
Packing up clothes,
you already outgrew.
Suddenly nine months;
my, how the time then flew.
Still struggling to change your diaper,
while you practice kung-fu.
Your mama still rocking some baby weight,
not quite ready to trash her muumuu.
Trips to the aquarium, museum,
babysitters to interview.
Playdates, parties, and school,
so young with so much to do.
Now that you’re almost one,
your dad and I pause to review.
You are our beautiful Valentine,
too good to be true.
Our hearts are so full,
all because of you.
Never doubt we love you,
completely, through and through.