Baby Car Organization: Ditch the Diaper Bag!



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I’ve always thought that organization and preparation equaled success. Well, basically every success theory I’ve ever heard can be thrown out the window now that I’m a mom. Instead, remember “it’s just a phase” on repeat. But a little effort can’t hurt, right?!

So let’s start with outings

I hate the idea of having a heavy diaper bag, and I am rarely THAT far from my car. So while the baby was just a few weeks old, I created my permanent car baby station. It has saved me so many times! It’s like having baby’s full changing table with me at all times. Even though our outings aren’t always perfect, my car organization has helped immensely, and I never have to carry a giant diaper bag (which is great because I’m lazy).

My list is geared towards babies, but you could have a field day prepping one of these for toddlers!

Utility Tote
These can be found everywhere these days! I love this dotted one from ThirtyOne, or you could even use the large, structured, rectangular grocery carriers from Walmart for a budget option.

And wipes. A full case of each. It is wonderful knowing that when I leave the house, I will have plenty of diapers. I can throw two in my purse or grab my changer (below) if I need them, but not having to worry about how many I’ll need when I walk out the door is great. I love Bambo diapers and Honest Co. wipes.

I use a thick one for laying down on the trunk surface for changes (SUVs are the best!) and a light one. I never liked the muslin blankets for swaddling, but I love having them around for miscellaneous cleanups and nursing.

Mini Arm and hammer trash bags are great to have on hand for so many gross things.

Extra Outfits in Ziplocs
I have a few in various sizes. I don’t want to finally need one months down the road and have it be too small. I pack them individually in small Ziplocs so that I have a clean place to put the outfit likely covered in poop.

Because nursing. So thirsty.

Snack Bars
Because snacks.

Just one or two toys to keep in the car permanently. My five-month-old James is obsessed with this crinkle toy. The uneven points are not healthy for my need for perfection, but whatever.

Skip Hop Travel Pad
I leave this in the car and either put it in my purse if I’ll be far from the car or stick it in the stroller and leave the whole purse behind! I like this one.

Hand Sanitizer
I like The Honest Company’s lavender version.

*I keep my Solly Baby wrap inside the house, but if you only use a baby carrier outside the house or have two carriers, leave one in the car!


don't mind the other car essentials - beach chairs!
Don’t mind the other car essentials – beach chairs!

I was darn near giddy when I got my trunk basket all setup. It’s the little things!

What baby and kid things do you keep in your car to stay organized?