Bonded by Babywearing


You’ve just had your precious baby and guess what? That baby doesn’t want to be put down. Whether the baby has a cold, is teething, or simply wants to feel close to you, that baby wants and needs to be held. There are the days that you can sit around and relax with your baby in your arms, and that time is magic! But for most moms and dads who need two arms to get stuff done (usually when there’s an older sibling(s) too)…

Babywearing to the Rescue!

Wearing your baby can be one of the most rewarding things for you and your child. It brings a whole other level of bonding and closeness between you and baby. I’ve worn both of my little girls and still do with my nineteen-month-old. It started with a wrap (we had to try a few),  and then when they were bigger we moved to an Ergo and my personal favorite, the Lillebaby.

The benefits of babywearing

Babywearing not only gives you an amazing bond, but it also helps with things like when a baby has reflux or is colicky by allowing them to be positioned upright. Babywearing gives you your hands back so you can load that dishwasher, rake leaves, heck, I’ve even painted part of my house wearing my child (not on a ladder).

And the best part…no crying baby!

Your baby (or toddler) wants to be held and they are supposed to want that and wearing them is a win for both parent and child. My own husband loves wearing our girls, especially when we go hiking or for walks around our neighborhood.

Wearing your child in the winter can be such a huge help. You can wear a t-shirt, put on your wrap or another carrier, then throw a jacket on and zip it up (not all the way) to keep both you and baby warm during those chillier months.

But my favorite thing about wearing my babies? The ability to breastfeed my child while they are in the carrier. It takes some practice, I’ll admit, but the ability to nurse your child and still get other things done is amazing. 

The Different Types of Carriers

I’d go into detail about the different types of wraps and ergonomic carriers, but it may overwhelm you. There are at least a dozen different wraps and slings, and dozens of more carriers for bigger babies and toddlers. They come in hundreds of colors, prints, and styles and range in prices from $20 to hundreds (yes I’ve seen a wrap sell for $300).

I myself have gone through a Moby wrap (was too much fabric for me), another generic brand wrap off Amazon (still a lot of fabric) and finally an Infantino that has about half the amount of fabric. Wraps are an art form, to say the least, but once your baby is in that wrap (and won’t be going anywhere) then you’re smooth sailing.

The larger (or I should say ergonomic carriers i.e. Tula, Ergo, Lillebaby, etc) are wonderful for all ages. They too can be pricey, but in my opinion, they are worth the investment. I have both an Ergo and a Lillebaby and I love them both for different reasons.

You really have to go and try different ones to see which is best for you and your babe. Lots of stores and children’s boutiques will let you try them on first. Your baby might love the way one carrier feels and despise another. A lot of the ergonomic carriers can hold infants, or can have an infant insert placed in them to hold even the tiniest of babes.

And don’t let the price tag scare you away. They really are worth it, but you can also find great carriers at consignment stores for a fraction of the price of a new one. Tiny Tadpoles on James Island and Once Upon A Child always have great carriers for so cheap, its hard not to buy more!

If you’re new to babywearing or don’t know where to start, then ask a friend who may have a carrier if you can borrow theirs. If you get a wrap and don’t know how to use it, check out YouTube. There are so many tutorials on how to wrap your baby (wraps can be the biggest challenge at first). Don’t give up if your child doesn’t seem to like a carrier. Try something else, it will be such a rewarding thing once you have it down.

Babywearing Groups in the Lowcountry

Here in the Lowcountry, we have babywearing Facebook groups that are filled with so many great moms in the area who can offer great tips and tricks for babywearing. Hike It Baby is a great way to get out and hike while wearing your babe. Lowcountry Babywearing Group is great and we even have a Lowcountry Babywearing Buy/Sell/Trade page where you can find deals on carriers.

What are your favorite baby carriers?

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Elizabeth O'Conor
Elizabeth resides on Johns Island with her husband and two daughters, Emma (3) and Rowen (baby). A native to South Carolina, originally from Hilton Head Island, she moved to Charleston in 2012 to be closer to family. The four of them love to travel (mostly to Puerto Rico where her husband works) and thrive on learning and educated themselves on any and all health issues. She loves teaching her daughters to garden, going to the beach, surfing and planning their next family adventure. Elizabeth is very naturally minded, having had a successful home birth with her most recent baby girl. In 2016 she went back to school to complete her certification in Holistic Nutrition for which she is very passionate about (she already has a BA in Public Relations from USC). She looks forward to working with other moms and families to help them with their health and nutrition needs.