Cloth Diapering 101


Cloth diapers are better for the environment, but that’s not why I chose them. I chose them because I’m cheaper than dirt. 

I got 40 “All-In-One” (fear not, I will explain shortly) diapers for $200 that are adjustable for the baby’s size. Y’all all know how expensive disposable diapers are these days. Just think about all that cash my cheap self saved by going cloth…

Yep…I’m seeing dollar signs too. 

There are a few different style diapers to go with so here are the three main types:

All-In-Ones (AIO)

These are the easiest type of cloth diapers out of the bunch. They literally live up to their name, as they are “all in one” and a completely inclusive system. This means no pocket to stuff as the absorbing layer is attached and sewn into the waterproof liner. It’s like a disposable diaper that just happens to be made of cloth. The whole diaper goes right into the washer and dryer for easy cleaning and prepping. These diapers have either snap or velcro closure which is size adjustable for a growing babe. 

There is the less common version of the inclusive cloth diapers called All-In-Two (AI2.) This system is named for the liner that is attached by snaps to the cover, meaning you can choose to leave it in or remove it.

Pocket Diapers

These diapers have a removable insert that you must remove before washing. BUT you must stuff them back in before you can use them again. Like the AIOs, these also have adjustable closures with snaps or velcro as an option in styles. The advantage is that they are slightly cheaper than the AIO’s and they also dry faster but if you’re a lazy mom like me you’ll run out of diapers because you didn’t stuff the ones that were washed last night…

Traditional Pre-Fold Diapers

These are the ones that your mom and grandma may have used. They require diaper pins and diaper covers because they are NOT waterproof. Messy. Messy. Messy. (Not an option I would choose but if you’re feeling nostalgic, go for it!) These traditional diapers are extremely piggy bank-friendly and can be converted to cleaning cloths after baby is potty trained. 

All of the cloth diapers besides the pre-folds come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and materials. Unless you know right away which style you prefer, it may be helpful to order one of each and test it out before you commit to buying a full stash.

All in ones were my favorite because all I had to do was throw the solids in the toilet and put them in the diaper pail to wash later that evening. Granted, you always have a load to wash but think of all the dollars you are saving! Plus, it takes just as much time to toss out the diaper pail trash as it does to throw a load of wash in the machine. 

Also, something to note – cloth is touted to be much better for babies that have sensitive skin. Paper diapers can be extremely rough on their new, delicate skin, not to mention the chemicals that they are exposed to inside the manufacturing plants. You most certainly can go with the organic diapers to avoid this but then you completely blow your diaper budget out of the water! 

So…maybe you love the environment and don’t want to add to a landfill…maybe you have a sensitive baby who needs the plush soft microfiber on their cute bum…or maybe you’re just a cheap mom like me! No matter what the reason, there is nothing cuter than your baby with a big fluff butt!