Dear Hubs…Thank You.


Dear Hubs…Thank You.

Often times our husbands, the “dada” to our precious littles, are left in the background when it comes to parenting. As moms, we tend to receive all of the “thanks” for raising the little ones, even though both of us are pulling our fair share of the weight.  So, today, I want to make sure that my husband, and others out there like him, know that all they do doesn’t go unnoticed. I want them to know that they are seen and appreciated, even though the “thanks” may be few and far between at times. 

To my hubs-

I know I don’t tell you this enough, but THANK YOU. A million times and back again, thank you. Thank you for working so hard so that I can stay home with our babes, and do the most important “job” I’ve ever had the privilege of doing. Thank you for providing us with a good home and for loving us and all of our crazy antics…we have plenty 🙂

In a time when mom guilt and mom shaming are through the roof, thank you for never allowing me to believe and buy into any of it. Thank you for always breathing life into me. Thank you for boosting me up, even when I don’t believe it. Thank you for loving me regardless of the flaws (let’s not keep track of them all, ok?!) that I exhibit in this whole parenthood journey we are on. Thank you for always telling me how beautiful I am, even though it’s been days since a brush has touched my hair, my body has felt the water from a shower, and my clothes haven’t been changed from night to morning several days in a row. Thank you for pushing me to continue to pursue my dreams and to take time for me. Thank you for not letting me “lose self” when it could so easily be done. Thank you for not flipping out when you walk in from a long day and our house looks like a plastic factory exploded in it, and then helping me clean it all up just in time for us to go to bed. Thank you for taking on parenting responsibilities like a champ. Especially after working outside of the home all day. Thank you for always making us feel like your number one priority.

Dear Hubs…Thank You.

I know that this time of having littles can be stressful. And messy. And crazy. And just plain exhausting. But you handle it all with grace and leadership and love. And while not every day is even close to perfect, we think you’re pretty perfect for us. So thank you for guiding us all as we learn how to navigate these moments.

I hope you feel as treasured as we all do, because you most certainly are. I hope you feel loved unconditionally, valued beyond measure, and respected for all the ways you sacrifice for us. You my dear, are a true gem.

Happy Father’s Day, babe. Today and Everyday.