Christmas Book Bucket List: 10 Books to Read to your Children

Christmas Book Bucket List :10 Books to Read to your Children
Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, is here again! My favorite part about holidays is all the family memories you create from baking cookies, gazing at the lights, and my family’s MOST favorite tradition is ending the night with a Christmas book to read!

“you can find magic where ever you look. sit back and relax all you need is a book” – dr.SUess

There is nothing cozier than getting snuggled in with a warm blanket and reading a Christmas tale to your children. This year my kids and I wanted to create a Christmas Book Bucket List and share it with everyone. We wanted to make sure we read all the books, whether it be a classic tale or something new and modern that we have never read before.

I find it so fun incorporating the bucket list idea as a part of your Christmas countdown for your kids. Some of my friends like to wrap twenty-five books and place them under the Christmas Tree, and each night they unwrap a book and read it! I think that’s such a perfect way to get yourself and your little ones excited for the upcoming holidays.

Christmas Book Bucket List :10 Books to Read to your ChildrenSince I have both a toddler and a kindergartner, I created a separate list that has five books for both of them so it’s directed to their specific age group! 

Baby & Toddler Christmas Book Bucket List

  • Santa’s Workshop: Christmas Lift a Flap Book by Roger Priddy. This is the perfect little book that includes flaps for babies and toddlers to be entertained along with cheerful holiday rhymes.
  • Baby Touch and Feel Merry Christmas by DK. I love these sweet books. Both of my children are obsessed with all of the “Touch and Feel” books. It’s a great way to incorporate reading and sensory time with these types of books with your baby and toddler.
  • Dear Santa by Rod Campbell. With the touch and feel, this will be another great sensory book for your child as they flip through the book to see what perfect gift Santa brings under the tree.
  • Baby’s First Christmas Board Book by Diana Manning. If this is your baby’s first Christmas, this is such a darling book that will last for generations. What’s neat is that you can personalize it with your baby’s picture!
  • Where is Baby Jesus? by Kim Mitzo Thompson. This book is the perfect way to introduce your child to the real meaning of Christmas. It has the flap book feature for sensory time for your child, and your child will love playing with it to help find baby Jesus.

School-Age Children Christmas Book Bucket List

  • Santa’s Sleigh is on its way to Charleston by Eric James. I absolutely love this book. When we first moved from Maryland to South Carolina, my five-year-old daughter was scared that Santa wouldn’t know where she lived. So this book not only assured her that Santa will be coming her way, but it also showcases local places that Santa visits along his way. This is the perfect book to read to your child if you are new to the area.
  • Reindeer in Here by Adam Reed. This book is a must-have this year. It is a great easy tradition to start with your family at the beginning of December. It teaches your child a positive reminder that being different is normal, and it’s okay to be yourself! Bonus – You can find this book at your local WonderWorks toy shop!
  • I Saw Santa in South Carolina by J.D. Green. We picked up this book at our local WonderWorks shop this year, and we love it! My daughter enjoyed reading about Santa taking his vacation in South Carolina. It includes a game of “I Spy” to try to find Mrs. Claus and his Reindeer in the pictures featuring spots all around the state!
  • There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell by Lucille Colandro. My daughter picked out this book from her school book fair this year from the holiday section. Definitely a cute tale that surely will bring a smile to your child and a couple laughs as you read what the Old Lady swallows! We also have it in the Halloween themed version so be sure to check that out!
  • Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin. We are obsessed with Pete the Cat this year since she was introduced to these books from her school. So naturally we had to get the Christmas book version! It’s such a fun spin-off version of the “Night Before Christmas,” a definite must-read this year for your children!

What books will you include on your list to read to your children this year? Tell us in the comments below! I hope this bucket list brings new ideas to add to your holiday book collection to enjoy years from today!