Awesome YouTube Channels For Fun Learning With Your Toddler


Being a first-time mom, I wasn’t entirely sure how to introduce the essential ABCs, colors, numbers, and shapes to my son. At the time my husband and I didn’t have cable television subscription and relied heavily on HULU, Netflix, and Youtube for binge-worthy entertainment.

I found myself scrolling through these platforms to find baby and toddler-friendly programs my son would enjoy, and realized there were a ton of shows that focused on those early learning milestones. Although we flip back and forth between different platforms, we’ve found that YouTube has offered the most variety. 

I’m not ashamed to admit my son has reached quite a few developmental milestones based on some of the content he’s watched from his favorite YouTube channels. Honestly, it helped strengthen his speech as he was a slow talker. Most of these channels are great for singing and dancing, but they’re also packed with a ton of education. 

So even if my kid is jumping and dancing, he’s learning too. May as well make screen time worth it. 

Here are a few YouTube Channels for singing and learning with your toddler.

BabyFirst TV

This was one of the first YouTube channels we found that was awesome for my little guy as it is more infant focused. It focuses on the basics such as colors, ABCs, and shapes. It’s a great step for exposing this channel while they’re really young as they’ll be familiar with seeing letters and colors when they’re ready to begin talking.


This channel was probably my little guy’s favorite. There is a program called Charlie and The Numbers that teaches numbers and counting in such a fun and colorful way. Not to mention, it has plenty of fun songs that include learning games and other early learning concepts.

CocoMelon (formerly known as ABC Kids TV)

A very popular channel in the parent community. I haven’t met too many others that aren’t familiar with this channel, but I would be remiss if I didn’t add it. it is filled with nursery rhymes, bright colors, and so much more. 

Dave & Ava

Dave & Ava are another very popular channel with a boy, Dave, dressed as a puppy, and the girl, Ava, dressed as a kitten. This channel is definitely a favorite for nursery rhymes, and sing-alongs.

Originator Kids

This one is my absolute favorite. We found this channel when my little guy began forming words. It teaches letters, numbers, and spelling. What I love most about this channel is that as they’re spelling new words, they put them into sentences so that kids can understand what it means. My three-year-old uses words like therefore. They even have some videos in Spanish.


This is another great channel for learning words and learning how to read. Each letter holds hands to form words, which makes it even more fun.

Super Kids TV

This one is a little different compared to the others on this list. It is still filled with bright colors, numbers, and shapes but…with trucks. If you have a son like mine that is fascinated with monster trucks, fire trucks, and plenty of others they will be interested in counting along as their favorite trucks are on the screen.

Sesame Street

Being able to find Sesame Street on YouTube was such a win. My little guy’s favorite character is Cookie Monster. Being able to share this show with him was truly nostalgic.

Lotty Learns

This channel goes beyond learning letters and words. Toddlers will learn with the main character, Lotty. It helps with learning vowels, consonants, and understanding the difference between lowercase and uppercase letters. Definitely a great channel to reference when teaching your toddler how to write.

Busy Beavers

Busy Beavers is such a fun channel that gets the kids singing and learning. This channel touches on those early learning essentials with the fun beavers and other characters joining in.

What fun channels do your toddlers love to watch for learning?