Dear Mom of a First Time Preschooler


Dear Mom of a First Time Preschooler,

You did it! We are about half way done with the school year. I know you thought I wouldn’t figure out that he has to nap with his green blanket. I know it has worried you that I wouldn’t make her eat her sandwich before she dove into the gummies. I know it was hard when we had that first cold day, and you weren’t sure he would remember to put on his hat and coat before recess.

I know it’s hard to let her go, but she’s got this! You have to trust him and you have to trust me. Yes, it took a little time figuring out he was scared of the hand dryers. We are sometimes still workings out the kinks to nap time. And even though he’s been potty trained, we’ve still had a few accidents. But he is growing and learning so much!

Every day, your child is learning something new. Every day your child is gaining confidence and problem-solving skills. You should be so proud! He already is not the same kid I met in August.

I know it was disheartening to get a note that she hit another child, but it’s very common. I write the notes so you can be informed and carry over those positive choices at home. It’s not to embarrass you or make you feel bad. It’s because I know you’ll use it as an opportunity to talk to her about how she can handle things differently next time.

I know it breaks your heart when he cries getting out in carline, but I promise you as soon as he walks in he’s playing and happy. It’s just hard for him too to make the transition from the safe and familiar of mom. You have to trust that you made the best decision you could make for her. You didn’t send him to preschool to be “raised” by someone else. You did this so he could learn from new people, try new things, learn to be his own person away from you

She talks about you every day. Whenever she colors a picture at art, it is always for you. She lets me know your favorite color, your birthday, your favorite food. He loves so much and wants you to be proud of him, which I know you are! 

Please trust me, that I love your child. I am learning right along with them. I want what’s best for him, but that doesn’t always mean the easiest. I’m here to help him learn about himself, his emotions, his environment and all of that can be scary and hard. But I don’t want to see him unhappy either. Please believe that.

Just think of who she will be come May! I can’t wait to see her continue to grow! A couple more months, mom, you can do it!

-Your Child’s First Teacher