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Although it may not feel like Fall, it is time to head back to school! I know that for most moms, this can be an emotional time . . . especially if your kids are starting a new school. We start getting excited (or nervous) about new routines and schedules, new teachers, and new adventures. But getting back into the school routine can also be overwhelming. I have a few tips and tricks on how to keep your stress levels down by getting organized.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Organized

1. Tackle each child’s clothing. Take every single piece of clothing out of the drawers/closet. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, are not school appropriate, or that your child no longer wears. Have your child involved in this step. Think about how you would feel if you came home and half of your stuff was mysteriously gone . . . probably not that great! Avoid a conflict with the kiddos and tackle the clothing together. (Hint: although my motto tends to be “less is more,” if you have bought a few new shirts, a new pair of shoes, etc., that can typically help your child get rid of the old).

This is also a great learning opportunity for your kids to experience donating their clothing (still in good condition) to one of the incredible organizations in Charleston that helps young children or families. It’s an awesome feeling to de-clutter your clothing and know that every piece in your closet fits and you love it. Even your child will feel a weight lifted off of their shoulders once their clothing is organized, trust me!

2. Organize the home office. Where are your kids going to do their homework? What will they need for art projects? Whether this is the home office, a desk in their bedroom, or the kitchen — take the time to assess what you have. Get rid of broken pencils, dried-out markers, etc. I don’t recommend buying anything new, except the basics, until you need it. Remember to recycle what you can and if you have extras, you can always donate! An organized workspace will be a calming and inspiring environment — no matter what the age of the student.

3. Develop a “drop off” location for book bags/shoes. Think about your new routine. If you set expectations from the beginning, your routine will be much easier to follow. To stay organized, I have personally decided to keep my kids’ bags and shoes in their rooms. I’ve had hooks in my entryway before, but there wasn’t enough storage space to meet all of our needs without looking cluttered. When I see clutter, I see stress. By keeping shoes and book bags in their bedrooms, the kids know exactly where their things belong, and I know where to find them as well. It’s much easier to stay organized when your things have an official “place to live.” My kids will often hear me say, “Put your shoes in their home.” It may sound silly, but my kids know exactly what that means.

It may take time in the beginning to get organized, but all the time that you save throughout the year makes it incredibly worth it! Getting rid of the clutter (stress) will save you time in cleaning, searching for items, and will help you get out the door faster. Who wouldn’t want a stress-free morning?! Happy back to school!

What tips would you add to the list?

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