Conquering the Potty Training Blues


Conquering the Potty Training Blues

“Uggghhhhh!” If this is how you feel about potty training, this post might be for you. Pre-kids (and pre-boys for that matter) I always said that if a child is old enough to talk, they are old enough to ditch the diapers and use the toilet. It sounds like a reasonable assessment, right?

News flash!

While every child is very different, the aforementioned is probably not happening. Unless you’re one of those lucky moms with a little girl who was potty trained by the time she was nine months old. For the majority of us, potty training is a struggle that encourages regular maintenance of early bedtimes and wine stockpiling. Both my kids have pushed the limits on diaper to toilet training.

Potty training takes time and patience. Although, if you have heard any of these or similar phrases, it’s probably time to take potty training to the next level:

“Mom, change my poop!”…”RIGHT NOW!”

“Daaaaaad! I got poop!”

“SURPRISE!” (Exclaimed while changing the poopy diaper). 

The thing about potty training is that it requires a dual effort. If your toddler does not want to, they won’t. And if they don’t feel good about potty time, it will be a struggle every time. Forcing the situation will prolong the process while making you feel crazy in the meantime. This means no making your child sit on the potty, and no hollering at them about going potty for any reason. Even if you know that they do, in fact have to go!

Now what? 

I’ve heard recounts from moms that place potty chairs all over the house, and those who deprive their kids of pants for a few days until the child gets used to going on the potty. I haven’t personally used either of these methods. While they may be effective, I just don’t have what it takes.

Bribery is another method that works in almost any scenario, until it doesn’t. The thing about bribery is that kids get used to it, and eventually sniff it out from a mile away. Then they don’t listen, or do anything you say! Threatening to take away toys, games, and treats is also less than effective, I promise.

When all else fails…

I have come up with the perfect solution. First, have patience. Children can’t be forced into potty training sooner than they are ready. If you try to force it, you will create many headaches and tears for you and your child. This doesn’t mean don’t try! The point is to try, and if it doesn’t work, guess what mama? It’s okay.

When your child is ready to use the toilet more often, here is a sure solution to encourage them to leave the diaper behind…


It works, I promise! A combination of patience and poopy parties worked for our firstborn (after a lot of trial and error), and is working now for our three-year-old. You can customize your poopy party to fit your parenting style and personalities.

With child number one, the poopy party involved a song that I made up (on the spot, mind you), and ice cream with candles in it. So, basically a birthday party, sans birthday. This, my Charleston mamas, is the product of desperation.

For child number two, the poopy party is still effective with a treat and a song (no candles). The song goes a little something like this:

Poop, poop, poop in the potty!

Poop, poop, poop in the toilet!

Poop, poop, poop, in the potty!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!                                                                                                                

The song finishes with high fives all around and followed by the beloved treat. We hand out bubble gum or a sucker. Any kind of treat or fun surprise can work here (bubbles, a popsicle, trip to the beach, etc.). While I know accidents will still happen, I’m proud to report that we are well on our way to a fully potty trained three-year-old who hasn’t had an accident in over a week now.

The point is to make it fun and exciting, and they will want to go potty on the toilet all the time! Who wouldn’t want to!

Poop, poop, poop in the potty…


  1. Loved this LeeAnn! What a creative branch of enterprise! Congrats to Jack for the great week!

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