Prince Louis and the Picture Seen Around the World


Oh, Mommas! If you haven’t seen it yet, I am so excited to be able to give this little sneak peek into the royal mom life.

Queen Elizabeth was being celebrated at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to honor her service to the nation for 70 years on the throne. Everyone was dressed up, celebrating, and honoring the Queen. For us common folk, it would be like getting dressed up and celebrating your grandma’s 70th birthday at a big event. People would be seeing what you are wearing and of course, people’s eyes would be on your family members.

Prince Louis

In this case, Prince Louis stole the show and got more attention at the Jubilee than the Queen herself. Or at least from the press, the one million Instagram and Tik Tok shares, and moms everywhere sharing a piece of the royal family.

Prince Louis, who is the Queen’s great-grandson, made a ton of silly faces, and could be seen not listening to his mother, shushing her, and putting his hand over his mother’s mouth (the Duchess of Cambridge).

Here’s the deal and why this picture and this video are so important:

I can tell you that when I saw this, I immediately smiled. I saw the video, I saw the look in the mother’s eyes as she gave a stern look but then looked up and smiled like everything was fine.

We have all been there. We have all had that moment in public when your child is acting up and you are doing everything you can to keep your cool, whisper sweet (or unsweet) nothings into your child’s ear, and pray to someone above to please get this child to stop.

As a mother, sometimes we think everyone is looking at us with judgmental eyes when this happens. We start sweating, cursing under our breath . . . try to smile, and talk to our child. (You know, the gritting your teeth, muffled words coming out kind of talk). We start going through our internal notebook of every bribe we can think of, flipping through the pages of our brain with every punishment that may hit them. You search your memory for “what worked last time.”

Eventually, you get through it, sweaty armpits and all. (Seriously, if this moment doesn’t make you sweat a little . . . is it just me?)

And while we have all been there, I am sure none of us reading this have ever been there in front of the Queen of England, on national television, and on display for the world to see.

We all may be super thankful for that, and let it remind us of these things:

  • We are all going through the same things with our children.
  • We are all the same, mommas!
  • It does not matter your social class, your age, race, etc . . . We all have children that will test us.
  • We all either have toddlers or have had them, so we all understand!
  • We don’t actually judge other moms. We actually feel for them.
  • Every mom has had a child put their hand up to them.
  • Every mother has had enough and gives their child to someone else. (Legit, the Duchess eventually handed Prince Louis over to Prince William.)
  • Every mom has felt eyes on her watching a tantrum. (Some just happen to have millions.)
  • Every mom deserves grace and empathy. (I am sure we all saw the video and felt exactly what she was feeling.)
  • Every mom deserves to put her feet up and have a kid-free night after that. (We can all agree on that, I hope.)

So, mommas, this is the absolute best “stars: they are just like us” example I have seen. We are all going through motherhood together. The ups and the downs are for every mother — including royalty.

I hope that you give not only others grace, but yourself. I hope you take comfort in knowing that if the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge can have a full-on child tantrum on display and get through it . . . you too, my momma friend, can get through it.


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