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I’m Just A Mom

So I’m in this sweet spot right now. We have two children, and we want a third, but we haven’t started trying yet. My son is almost three, and my daughter is about fourteen...

Tips for Flying Solo With Two Kids 2 and Under

I was recently feeling very brave and decided to fly to Seattle from Charleston solo with two children two and under. Now that I’ve survived it, I think it would be beneficial to pass...

Day Trip to Edisto

I know we have some awesome beaches at our fingertips, but if you want to branch out to a place that holds a piece of my heart, you should try Edisto Beach, SC. My...

My Children Look Like Themselves

Maybe I’m the only mama out there that feels this way, but does it ever drive you bonkers when people say your children look like someone else other than you? I even get a...

Dealing with Gender Disappointment

I think I speak for all women when I say, “We just want a healthy baby; that’s what’s important,” but if I’m 100% honest, I was completely devastated when I found out I was...