Ali Anderson, NTP

Ali runs Island Health SC, a nutritional therapy practice on James Island and also works as a nutritional consultant for different restaurants in the Charleston area. She loves helping other moms and soon to be moms feel healthier, happier, and more energetic. She also works with children and young athletes so they can eat for optimal health! When Ali is not busy geeking out on nutrition she is driving her 13 year old daughter and her 12 year old son to soccer, basketball, football, and track practice. She also loves spending time on the beach with their German Shepherd. Ali and her husband are really enjoying eating at the wonderful restaurants that the Charleston area offers- especially the farm to table spots that specialize in creating deliciousness with local resources!
Sea Island Farmers Market is opening on Johns Island

The Sea Island Farmers Market is Opening on Johns Island!

When the news hit social media that the Johns Island Farmers Market was closing, there was a lot of concern about how loyal shoppers were going to get amazing local vegetables, eggs, and meat....
Teaching Teens to Lie Charleston Moms

Teaching Teens to Lie

A few (no longer a "couple") of decades ago my mom gave me blanket permission to use her as an excuse. If I did not want to go somewhere with my friends, all I...

Returning To School As A Mom

As I sat in the testing facility of our local community college I began to feel really old. The test proctor began to read the instructions and I realized that he was about twenty...

A Day at the Johns Island Farmers Market

The world’s population will rise from seven billion to nine billion by 2050. Farmers will have to increase food production by 70% to keep pace. With declining resources—like water, labor and land—the task is...

Pushing Through Life

Just push through... You are a mom... If you do not push through, what will your family do... These are the thoughts I replayed over and over again for the last seven years. For seven years as...

Our Holiday Pet Adoption – All I Want for Christmas is a Furry Friend

Considering pet adoption for unwrapping a furry friend on Christmas morning? We opted for a four-legged friend two years ago at Christmas time, and we feel blessed, but it wasn't without a lot of...

Hallmark Movies and Life

As an adult, I have acquired a new guilty pleasure – Hallmark Christmas Movies. Although who am I kidding, I also occasionally partake in the Hallmark fall collection. There is something about being transformed...

Maintaining Healthy Radiant Skin At Any Age

It is fall here in Charleston which means all of our pumpkin spiced lattes are still ordered on ice! But, in a few months we will experience the random chill in the air (followed by...

Feeding Your body For Breastfeeding (Recipes Included!)

Oh the glorious nutrients that breast milk contains.... it is truly the perfect food for a baby! Breast milk has all the substance that can give a growing baby immunity to infection and disease, it stimulates...

Building Our Marriage By Building A House

Without a doubt this is the house that love built....well love, some choice curse words, tears, blood, and a few additional medical bills! For years my husband and I have had a dream to build...