Allison McCleary

Allison escaped the frozen tundra of Minnesota for the sunshine and beaches of Charleston in 2014. She lives on James Island with her husband, two little boys and new puppy! They love exploring Charleston, camping and making memories at home. She works as a part-time marketing consultant from home and is currently working on her MBA.
waiting for baby #2

Waiting For Baby #2

"So, do you have all of your ducks in a row?" asked my sweet OBGYN at my last appointment. "Uh...NO" I deadpanned. She laughed. I freaked out internally. My husband and I are expecting...

When Your Maternity Clothes No Longer Fit…

Hello! I'm Allison. I'm 33-weeks pregnant with my second boy. I have a confession: I'm so big that my maternity clothes no longer fit. Did I mention that I still have six (!) weeks...