Amanda Gibson

Amanda is an upstate New York girl who married a Tennessee guy in 2011 and moved to Charleston the next day. They have adopted two toddler boys from South Korea in 2017 and 2019. She loves to share her heart ponderings and humor lent by beginning motherhood with her toddler who spoke another language. She has a background in non-profit work, but currently stays home with her boys. She enjoys her awkward floppy hound, assertive cuddly cat, but can't keep plants alive. In her "spare time," she loves to create, serve as drummer at her church, dance around the house, or provide harmonies/percussion for her sister's music.

A New Family, a New Home, a New Year

As we approached our closing date on the old house, I was taking one last walk through all the rooms by myself, while my husband finished packing up the car and my four-year-old dawdled...

The “A” Word

The "A" word prompts different reactions and feelings depending on who you are, your sense of identity, your experiences, or simply who you know. These are the chronicles of how the meaning of the "A"...

Twelve and a Half-ish Cans (A Lesson in Giving)

One of our family values is generating a mindset of giving. In the last year and a half of raising our now four-year-old, we have tried to be intentional in opportunities to model a...

Facing The Threat of Vision Loss As A Nearsighted Young Mom

Four-year-old: “Oh, she's shining a flashlight in your eyes, Mommy?!” Me: “Yes, only because she’s a doctor! We don’t shine flashlights in eyes at home though, right?” Perhaps my son had grown too observant to continue...