Andrea Mergens

After having lived all over the country, Andréa is a self-proclaimed Chicagoland native. Upon meeting her husband Scott, an actual Chicago native, the two spent years dreaming of sunny beaches before finally leaving the big city for Charleston. With a background in English and a passion for Photography, she loves to listen to and capture people’s stories. You’ll spot her and her husband chasing their sweet babies, Lily and Declan, all over the Lowcountry. Whether at the beach, park, or Dad’s fire station, they’re always ready for an adventure! Andréa loves to connect with other women through the shared ups and downs of motherhood and is so excited to highlight all that Charleston has to offer.

Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds: Alhambra Park

Welcome to our series: Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds! Each article in this series focuses more on specific parks/playgrounds at locations all throughout the Lowcountry.  Next up, Alhambra Park in Mt. Pleasant! Hidden along the coastline down in the...