Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: Mommy, How Do You Spell Divorce?

A year ago in the midst of one of his angry tirades, my husband sarcastically turned to our daughter and asked, "Do you know how to spell divorce?" My sweet baby girl, just a toddler...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: Tips on Keeping the Love Alive in the Bedroom

Let's set the scene. You just had your baby. You had a relatively uncomplicated labor and delivery, and are now home with your new bundle of joy. Your life has totally changed. Complete 360. A short (yet...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: A Letter to My Sensitive Child

Baby Boy, The first thing I need you to know, is I see you and your big feelings. Big feelings are hard for a person of any age to understand and work through. And there...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: I’m a Suicide Survivor

Trigger warning: this article contains talk of suicide.   I’m a suicide survivor….but that may not mean what you think it does. The month of my 18th birthday, my dad went missing. His phone went straight to...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: Perspectives from a Child of Divorce

Sitting in my bedroom, I can count 16 decorative items hovering around me that represent our love story. Framing our bedroom door are collages from our dating years. Lyrics from our first dance surround...

Single Mom & Dating: My Sociopathic Narcissist (Part 2)

Did you miss the first part of Single Mom & Dating: My Sociopathic Narcissist? Check it out here!  I should have seen the warning signs. I should have seen the charming, interview of our first couple...

Single Mom & Dating: My Narcissistic Sociopath (Part 1)

He wanted to know everything about me. We sat at the bar at Cantina 76 and he made me feel so special. The conversation flowed so well and he asked me so many important...

Married to an Alcoholic

*Trigger warning: this post discusses substance abuse and suicide.  Dear Husband, I am writing this under cover of darkness and tomorrow I will submit it. I am writing it today knowing that unless something drastically changes, I...