Ashley Shannon

Ashley Shannon
Ashley is a wife, mother, and self-appointed adventure curator. She spends her time learning dinosaur names with her kindergartener son, chasing after her toddler daughter, and taking walks with her family, which includes her 150 lb. English mastiff "puppy." As a lifelong learner, she is excited to explore the Charleston area and to paint her experience of motherhood with words.
Becoming a Mom was the Best Thing for my Chronic Pain Charleston Moms

Becoming a Mom was the Best Thing for my Chronic Pain

Hello, my name is Ashley, and I’ve had chronic pain since I was 16.  Generally, this is not how I like to introduce myself. I like to think that I am more than the (sometimes)...
Potty Training Magic Charleston Moms

Potty Training Magic

Oh, the magic of potty training! When my firstborn was at this stage, I read all the books. I asked every experienced parent I talked to. I combed online parenting forums.  I made a plan and...
Today is the Day to Eat Outside Charleston Moms

Today is the Day to Eat Outside

Today is the day we eat outside! Red tomato sauce handprints stained my wall. Baby crumbs littered my floor. Our English mastiff, oblivious to my cleaning dilemma, sauntered by. She is too big to notice...

Raising Kids is Expensive: How to Save

Raising kids is expensive! According to the Department of Agriculture’s 2015 estimate, it costs $233,610 to raise a child from birth to 17 years old. Yikes! (And that was in 2015!) The yearly budget? For a two-parent, two-child,...

4 APPEALING Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 

Apples, apples, apples! Growing up, one of my chores was to pick up the fallen apples from my backyard. I usually made a game out of it, trying to throw the rotten apples directly into...

Is Your Child’s Future Success a Matter of Growth Mindset?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” may be one of the most asked childhood questions.   When I learned to read in first grade, I realized the power behind the written word.  Words...

Dear Charleston: I Didn’t Expect to Like You.

Dear Charleston, I didn’t expect to like you. I was so mad when we moved here: Pregnant, just moved nine months prior, I didn’t appreciate our circumstances. But God knew this place would be a balm to...
Travel Gear I won't Leave Home without

Kid Travel Gear I Won’t Leave Home Without!

"You're kind of like a circus," says a lady, as we pass her from the parking lot. “Wow-wee! Now that’s the way to travel!” an older man tells us as we stand in line to...

More Books that Changed my Parenting Perspective

Raising children is an art, not a science. My husband and I agree. From our role in the parenting world, parenting seems more like a cut and paste of different philosophies. Things from our...

Scurryfunge: Spring Cleaning’s Best Friend

Rule 1: A clean house is not a prerequisite for having guests over. When spring arrives, it is like a breath of fresh air. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining . . ....