Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith was born and raised a southern girl in the small town of Valdosta GA. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Speech Communications and it was there she met and married her HOT and oh so supportive husband, Olin! She and Olin live on James Island where they raise their 3 children Nona Wynn (6), Caston (4), and Reyns (5 months). Ashley works a very demanding full time job as a medical device representative. She also works full time as a mom and entrepreneur. How you ask? That’s a good question. If it weren’t for my “Whine Down Time” I would be insane but my Whine Down Time helps to give me a renewed energy. Whine Down Time is a company I founded and it is a lifestyle movement for busy women like you and me to embrace the art of selfishness and “Whine Down.” Check us out at and follow us on all social media outlets! We’d love to have you join the Whine Down group! Women are wired like electronics…we all work best when unplugged for a bit!
Breaking free from the golden handcuffs

Breaking Free from the Golden Handcuffs

We’d had several discussions before, but this one was different. This time he didn’t just listen, he heard me loud and clear. I came home from work that day not just angry, not just...

The Investment of a Teacher

A teacher is truly like an extension of a mother. She is warm and caring, kind and loving, strict and stern, yet never cross. She’s always giving up her time to make the most of...

Dirty Thirty; Hairy, Humbled and Happy!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The sun is out and the temperature is rising. I type this as I sit in my favorite coffee shop, downtown Charleston, SC., devouring a duck confit...
Reflections of Special; Tackling Uncomfortable Moments With Your Kids Heads-On

Reflections of Special; Tackling Life Lessons With Your Kids Head-On

There we were; caught in a bathroom filled with people who didn’t look like us. In that moment, I’d wished I had a secret door that lead to the quickest exit. I wanted to...