Chelsea Enders

Chelsea Enders
Chelsea is an Air Force BRAT turned Air Force spouse and has twice called Charleston, along with more than twenty other duty stations, home. She is a mother to three strong girls, aged 3, 6, and 9, plus an adventurous aussiedoodle. The military has certainly handed her some unique parenting situations, with a lot of flying solo, both figuratively and literally, but having countless opportunities to show her daughters independence and instill adventure is one of her and her husbands greatest goals! She hopes to encourage other mothers to find joy in the small moments and make the most of wherever you may find you and your family. In her spare time Chelsea runs on podcasts and coffee, enjoys family camping trips, pre-pandemic traveling, and all things spending time outdoors. Aside from being both a full-time student and stay at home mom of six years years, she is also the founding coordinator for the local chapter of Stroller Warriors at Charleston AFB, a free running group for military families. When her days of stay-at-home-motherhood come to an end, she hopes to find her place in elementary education. Until then, she is both excited and exhausted by trying to find the joy in all the moments of this wild & messy motherhood.

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