Christine Esoldo


2017 Moms Guide to Summer Races

Any runners out there? This one's for you! I've rounded up Charleston's many summer races and pulled them all into this post. So if you're crazy enough to keep on running and racing through...
The Odd Life of the Work-from-Home Mom

The Odd Life of the Work-from-Home Mom

Work-from-home moms are like red velvet cake. I'm serious. Stay with me here and I'll get through it fast because this analogy breaks down quickly. Red velvet isn't quite chocolate and it isn't quite...
5 things i love about charleston

5 Things I Love About Charleston (and a few I don’t)

Charleston is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live, no doubt about that. But Charleston hasn't been particularly kind to me in some ways. And sometimes I'm left wondering what exactly everyone...
get yourself out of a funk

Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

2016 has been a funky year. And I'm not talking about the kind of funk that makes you want to shake your groove thing. I'm talking about the funk that sends you wallowing and makes...

How To Do It All When You Know You Can’t Do It All

A few months ago, I had one of those days. One of those weeks, really. You know the ones. The ones where no matter what you do, everything just goes haywire. My husband was out of...

The Unexpected Mother

I never planned to be a mom. That's a bold statement since I am one. But it's true. As a little girl, I fantasized more about career options than kids. I didn't play with dolls. In...