Courtney Oberly

Courtney Oberly
Courtney is a Charleston native who, after graduating Clemson, moved to Chicago to compete a one-year dietetics internship. That one-year program turned into a decade long stint in the Windy City where Courtney worked for a variety of health businesses. While in Chicago, Courtney met her husband and had three kids, living an adventure of having kids in the city. At the end of 2015, she returned home and launched her own private nutrition practice on Daniel Island. Courtney loves to help people find simple ways to heal and thrive through the food they eat. She is a thankful for the beauty – and the food – that the Lowcountry has to offer!

Heartland Home Foods: Hear from a Happy Customer

If you haven't read my earlier posts on Heartland Home Foods and what it's like to have a consultation with one of their wellness consultants, I encourage you to take a look. And if...

Grocery Shopping Redefined: My Experience with Heartland Foods

Just the other day I was listening to a timely podcast titled The Lazy Genius Guide to Grocery Shopping. I call it timely because as of late I have grown to loathe grocery shopping....

Five Ways I Worked Through Unexpected Anxiety

When we moved to Charleston three years ago I thought the transition would be seamless. We were moving back to my childhood home, my family, warmer weather, and that salt air that is healing...

Pulling Yourself Out of a Dinner Rut

I've always enjoyed cooking. I love the flavors, the nutrition behind them, and creating something I can share with others. But lately, with three growing kids with three different palates, my love of cooking...

They’re All Off to School. Now What?

This year marks a new season for our family. Our youngest is joining her older siblings in full time school and my emotions are all over the place. All last year I was brimming...

Moms, Let’s Be Kind to Our Bodies

It's that time of year when we are bombarded with messages telling us to get "swimsuit/bikini/summer ready" with a particular diet, cleanse, program, jumpstart, whatever. WHATEVER. Oh, sometimes I cringe when I hear women talk...

A Guide to Charleston’s Beaches (With Kids!)

If there's one thing on the top of local parents' activity list, it's the beach. Here in Charleston, we have some beautiful places to go, but that doesn't mean they are easy to navigate...

5 Reasons Why I Love Living on Daniel Island

It's funny to think about how we end up in our current locations. Almost twenty years ago I graduated from Bishop England High School, just two years after it's campus moved from downtown to...

No-Fuss Super Bowl Spread

The end of football season is here and whether you're glad, sad or indifferent, one thing's for sure - we can all enjoy the Super Bowl. There's the half-time show, the anticipated commercials and,...

2019: The Year of Play

Maybe you've seen the trend. The one where someone chooses a word to focus on, a word to set their intentions on for the upcoming clean slate of a new year. I've done it...

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