Dede Kennedy

Dede Kennedy is part of a dying breed ... a native of Mt. Pleasant. She is happily married to her husband Sean and the mother of two gorgeous sons ages 8 and 11. When not trying to keep her boys out of harm's way, Dede works at a popular restaurant on Sullivans Island. She is a Christian and an active member of her church. Dede can be found making corndogs and serving up Kool-Aid for the neighborhood kids who hang out at her home (the one with all the bicycles in the yard). Dede is a blogger and a two-time cast member of the national "Listen to Your Mother" show. Dede has dabbled in stand-up comedy and is writing a fiction book.

Letting Go of Expectations Around the Holidays

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving and the holiday season is upon us. As I get older every year flies faster than the one before. It’s like one day it’s the 4th of July,...
Cullen Moss Outer Banks Charleston Moms

Dads to See in the 843: Cullen Moss from Outer Banks

Are you a Pogue or a Kook? How many times have you heard the name “John B”? Do you have a loyal squad like Pope, Kiara, and JJ that helps you hunt for $400...
Get Up Now!!_ Extending Grace to My Teenage Son Charleston Moms

Get Up Now! Extending Grace to My Teenage Son

“Get up now, son, or you are going to be late to school.” I was frustrated. Done. OVER IT. I had been trying to wake him up for 45 minutes. My son is in 7th...
Halloween Grinch Charleston Moms

Halloween Grinch

If there is a Halloween grinch, color me green and put me outside of Whoville. I can’t wait for October 31st to come and go. The month of October is a fine one – we...

A Simple Yes or No

I was caught off guard, not ready for the question. A lady that I didn’t know invited my son to come over and play with her daughter right then. The children were in the...

Screen Time

I asked my nine-year-old how long he thought was adequate for screen time. Without missing a beat he answered, “Four hours.” I asked my twelve-year-old what he thought, but he was on his phone...

My Friend

A long time ago, I was a thirty-year-old woman, two days into a short-term treatment center for alcoholism. My best efforts to control my drinking had led me here – to the suicide watch...

Family Ties

My brother and I were adopted. Mama handled it beautifully for us because we just always knew. She said we were special because we were chosen, and it was kind of a non-issue for...

The First Time

About a year ago, Darius Rucker, one of my favorite singers, asked “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” while I was stalking him on social media. I said...

The Revolving Door

"Mommy, can we try it?" my son asked excitedly. I stopped and looked at my two young sons, so excited to see a giant revolving door at the hospital entrance where my Mom lie, just...