Dede Kennedy

Dede Kennedy is part of a dying breed ... a native of Mt. Pleasant. She is happily married to her husband Sean and the mother of two gorgeous sons ages 8 and 11. When not trying to keep her boys out of harm's way, Dede works at a popular restaurant on Sullivans Island. She is a Christian and an active member of her church. Dede can be found making corndogs and serving up Kool-Aid for the neighborhood kids who hang out at her home (the one with all the bicycles in the yard). Dede is a blogger and a two-time cast member of the national "Listen to Your Mother" show. Dede has dabbled in stand-up comedy and is writing a fiction book.
Cullen Moss Outer Banks Charleston Moms

Dads to See in the 843: Cullen Moss from Outer Banks

Are you a Pogue or a Kook? How many times have you heard the name “John B”? Do you have a loyal squad like Pope, Kiara, and JJ that helps you hunt...
Get Up Now!!_ Extending Grace to My Teenage Son Charleston Moms

Get Up Now! Extending Grace to My Teenage Son

“Get up now, Son or you are going to be late to school.” I was frustrated. Done. OVER IT. I had been trying to wake him up for 45 minutes. My son is in 7th...
Halloween Grinch Charleston Moms

Halloween Grinch

If there is a Halloween grinch, color me green and put me outside of Whoville. I can’t wait for October 31st to come and go. The month of October is a fine one – we...

A Simple Yes or No

I was caught off guard, not ready for the question. A lady that I didn’t know invited my son to come over and play with her daughter right then. The children were in the...

Screen Time

I asked my nine-year-old how long he thought was adequate for screen time. Without missing a beat he answered, “Four hours.” I asked my twelve-year-old what he thought, but he was on his phone...

My Friend

A long time ago, I was a thirty-year-old woman, two days into a short-term treatment center for alcoholism. My best efforts to control my drinking had led me here – to the suicide watch...

Family Ties

My brother and I were adopted. Mama handled it beautifully for us because we just always knew. She said we were special because we were chosen, and it was kind of a non-issue for...

The First Time

About a year ago, Darius Rucker, one of my favorite singers, asked “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” while I was stalking him on social media. I said...

The Revolving Door

"Mommy, can we try it?" my son asked excitedly. I stopped and looked at my two young sons, so excited to see a giant revolving door at the hospital entrance where my Mom lie, just...

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