Emily Guerrero

I'm a 40-something mom, wife, attorney, work-in-progress, and seeker of all things love, joy, and balance.

4 Tips for Making Your Way Through School-Aged Friendships

I can honestly say that navigating my kids’ friendships is wearing me out. The shifting tides of affections and aversions has me both captivated and exhausted. It’s like having a front-row seat at a...

Summering with Tweens: 3 Tips for Survival

With summer upon us, my twelve-year-old boy has recently taken to hibernating in his room for hours at a time. We rarely see him, although he does occasionally descend to the kitchen for food....

5 Delicious Recipes to Celebrate Summer

June 20 is the holy grail of sunshine, the Summer Solstice. The sun will be at its highest point in the sky, giving us the gift of early dawns and long, lingering sunsets. As we...

My Friends Helped Me Survive the Pandemic. Here’s How.

Recently, I have had many moments where I wanted to leap out of my own skin and escape to a faraway land filled with socially-undistanced hugs and germ-laden stores and restaurants. This land would...
The Stillness of Covid-19 Charleston Moms

The Stillness of COVID-19

Truly, I have been afraid to sit down and write in the midst of this otherworldly pandemic, fearful of how my words would spill messily onto the page. I have no words of wisdom,...
Making Better Choices by Setting Intentions Charleston Moms

Making Better Choices by Setting Intentions

Life is full of choices, a daily bursting of tiny and medium-sized and even life-shaking decisions. Every day and every minute and every week, our minds are faced with billions of decisions that end...
2020 Vision_ Embracing Stillness in the New Year Charleston Moms

2020 Vision: Embracing Stillness in the New Year

2020 is the year of clear vision. I’m convinced the only way to see life, relationships, and the future clearly is by being still. This, of course, is easier said than done because life...
Parenting Tweens: Be Present Charleston Moms

Parenting Tweens: Be Present

Recently, I went to my ten-year-old daughter’s fundraising fun-run at school. She begged me to come, tearing up at the mere thought that I wouldn’t be there. I wrangled some time off from work...

5 Slow Cooker Recipes to Make Your Fall a Little More Cozy

As the days get shorter and the temperatures fall, the slow cooker becomes our loyal friend. We throw a few ingredients into her warm belly, and she dutifully delivers a cozy meal by the...

Six Ways to Choose Joy

My nine-year-old is having the best year of her life. She has a fantastically-quirky teacher who doesn’t give homework, her besties are in her class, and her beloved soccer season is in full swing....