Emily Guerrero

I'm a 40-something mom, wife, attorney, work-in-progress, and seeker of all things love, joy, and balance.

How to Crush the Back-to-School Blues

When I make that fateful flip of the calendar to the month of August, the back-to-school blues begin to set in. The countdown begins to new teachers, new friends, and whatever this year’s new...

A Summer Slow-Down Instead of a Summer Bucket List

The summer sun beats down, leaving our skin warm to the touch. The days stretch out, full of unscheduled, far-as-the-horizon-goes time. Sometimes, the minutes drag, punctuated only by the sounds of cicadas chirping in the...

Scraps of Magic: Local Fashion for Tween and Teen Girls

Elizabeth Baldwin says fashion and retail are part of her DNA. It’s no wonder she recently opened Scraps of Magic, an online store specializing in tween and teen girl’s clothing. She remembers playfully threading...

Stress Management for Moms: 5 Tips from an Expert

We’ve all had the feeling. It’s 5pm. The kids are screaming/whining/back-talking/mess-making/generally making horrific decisions, all making you wonder if you are truly cut out for this parenting thing. It’s at this dire apex that...

5 Quick, Kid-Friendly Recipes for Busy Nights

Did you ever notice that kids want to eat dinner every.single.night? The little buggers always want to be fed, even when you’re exhausted and only have a 20-minute window between soccer and swim practice....

Four Ways to Set the New Year on Fire

I love a new year. It’s a fresh start, an opportunity to clean the slate, take a deep breath, and start again. Like everyone, I’ve always been one to set ambitious, all-or-nothing resolutions that...

Mindfulness and the March of Time

With all the talk of Father Noel lately, I wanted to talk about another old man with a long white beard: Father Time. Often carrying an hourglass, he is the somewhat creepy personification of...

Top Five Things to Be Thankful for as a Mom

‘Tis the season to reflect on all the blessings in our lives, including our children, the precious bundles of joy that have forever altered our lives, bank accounts, and marriages. Having children is without...
7 signs you have been slimed

Seven Warning Signs That You’ve Been Slimed

We need to discuss slime. Even as I type the word, I can see moms everywhere rolling their eyes and recoiling with barely-contained disgust. For those of you who don’t know, making slime is...

Self-Care 101: Three Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Sparkle

A few months ago, my mom mailed me a tattered folder with e-mails I sent to her twenty-some years ago. I suppose she saved these e-mails because they told a hilarious and self-deprecating tale...