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5 Ways to Take Your Child on a Mindful Walk

Let’s try an experiment: Gather your children. Turn off their tablets and television shows. Ask them to sit up tall, close their eyes, and follow their breath…in and out… If your family is anything...
Prenatal Yoga Classes Charleston SC

Three Ways to Tap Into Your Mama Intuition (And Ignore Everything Else!)

Parents have a myriad of decisions to make. Many of us wade through the advice of countless well-meaning friends and family members that insist that the way THEY did it is the RIGHT way....

How I Stop Unsolicited Advice From Ruining My Day

I was helping my 4-year-old wash her hands in the bathroom at an airport when I was taken aback by possibly the rudest question a stranger has ever asked me: “Number two?,” said a voice...

5 Healthy Kitchen Hacks for Busy Moms

I really am a good mom. My kids usually wear clean clothes. I take them on fun adventures. When we’re at home, we play, dance, read stories, and snuggle up. I’m almost never late...
Job Skills I've Learned While Staying Home with My Kids

Job Skills I’ve Learned While Staying Home with My Kids

It’s been nearly six years since I had my first baby. And while I admit I’ve forgotten about many of the things that occurred during those first sleep-deprived months, there’s one thing I remember...
Things I want to remember about having a newborn

Things I Want to Remember About Having a Newborn

We just celebrated my youngest daughter’s first birthday, and I’m feeling ALL the feels. It’s obviously a very happy milestone. As a family, we’ve overcome more than a few obstacles this year and we’ve...
Confessions of a 2nd Time Mom: 6 Things I Refuse to Feel Guilty About

Confessions of a 2nd Time Mom: 6 Things I Refuse to Feel Guilty About

As I type this, I briefly look up to see my ten-month-old crawling on the floor on the other side of the room. She finds a dust bunny in the corner. (She doesn’t have...