Farin is a Maryland native. She moved to the Charleston area after visiting on a whim. She fell in love, told her husband she wanted to live where she was happiest, so here she is! She is a married mom of two. She plays lacrosse & soccer, loves being outside, and loves exploring new places. She is a CT Technologist here at MUSC, runs the Inspire Her Podcast and is also a health and fitness coach. As cliche as it sounds, she loves long walks on the beach, seeing the sunset with a frose' in hand, trying guacamole from every restaurant and mid day naps.

When Mom Unplugs, Everyone Benefits

I can’t believe I am even writing this article. From someone who works her business completely online, to think about “unplugging” makes my heart palpitate. Okay, okay, that sounds dramatic….  However, we are in a...