Heather Artushin

World Poetry Day: a preschool-aged boy crouches down on a giant piece of paper laying on the floor. He has a cup full of colored pencils with one in hand, and splashes of color scribbled on his cheek.

World Poetry Day: You, Child, Are a Poem

In celebration of World Poetry Day . . .  You, child, are a poem, your unexpected rhythm has me dancing through the day. You, child, are a line, alliteration and rhyme you play with words and world. You, child, are a stanza, a complete...

Making History Like a Mother: A Poem

In celebration of Women's History Month, here is a poem featuring a few moms who made history. See if you can guess who they are! Education for the children, underprivileged and dismissed. Pink tower, red rods, golden...

National Haiku Writing Month: Motherhood in Haiku

February is National Haiku Writing Month! Enjoy the beauty of motherhood in haiku. I. Love-filled womb round ‘til Waves of pain carried me to you  A mother was born II. Sleep left and milk came Shhh, sweet babe grows by morning First...

My Heart: A Mother’s Valentine

Big, chocolate eyes filled with wonder, when I'm your world and the world is your oyster, these arms your bed, you dream sweet.   Dirty blonde hair tousled with play, legs kicking steady to a run, fearless knowing I'm right behind you, your...