Holly Ahnen

Holly is a mommy to two, soon to be three, little boys, ages two and four. She works full-time as a clinical pharmacist and indulges her passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and parenting by teaching certified hypnobirthing and mindful breastfeeding courses. You can find her on Instagram sharing her own pregnancy journey along with advice to have the birth and breastfeeding experience of your dreams. Holly and her husband Chris host international Au Pairs to provide in home childcare for their children. In her free time, she enjoys hiking the county parks, spending time at the beach, cooking healthy meals, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, reading, and gardening.

Ways I’m Connecting With My Kids Right Now

I used to think connection with my children came naturally. The same way it did when I first looked into their eyes at birth. I thought any time I was spending with my children was...

International Self-Care Day & Some Ways to Practice it

When you think of self-care what comes to mind? Most of us would say a massage, manicures, and pedicures, a long bath, maybe exercise. These are ways to perform self-care, but it is so much more...

I’m a Boy Mom. Stop Asking if I Want a Girl.

Two of the sweetest little boys hold my hands, while another gently kicks me from within. One looks up at me as says, "Mommy, you look so beautiful today!" (I had braids in my hair...