Jenna Arsenault

Jenna is a Maine native who moved to Charleston in 2006, moved away for a while, then moved back again in 2018. She just couldn’t stay away from this city that feels like home! She’d choose palm trees over pine trees any day of the week. Jenna and her husband of 11 years have two rambunctious sons, ages 8 & 5, and live in Mount Pleasant with their hamster and lots of plants. A social worker and registered nurse by trade, she is passionate about maternal mental health and is currently a postpartum doula specializing in perinatal mood disorders ( Jenna loves to read, kayak, paint in watercolor, and travel with her family.

Merry & Bright (Where to See Holiday Lights Around Charleston)

Happy Holidays, Charleston Moms! There are so many wonderful holiday events happening right now! Festivals, parades, and tree lightings, in nearly every part of the Lowcountry, plus Santa sightings and holiday shopping events! Of all...
people dancing in club

Moms In Da Club

This morning I was driving home from my grocery pick-up (praise!) and one of my most favorite songs came on the radio: Work It by Missy Elliott. I turned it up loud and car...

Confession: I’m Cheugy and Proud of It

I have a confession: I'm cheugy. I had never heard of this word until about a month ago and now I can't stop thinking about it. Are y'all familiar with the term cheugy? Have...

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Talk About It!

It's a very heavy word that all of us are familiar with. Some of us have a detached awareness after having seen suicide attempts depicted in a movie or reading about a celebrity's death...

The Vas Deferens Between Us

The cutting of my husband’s vas deferens opened my eyes to the vast differences between us in our contributions to baby-making. My husband and I decided he’d have a vasectomy this past spring. We are...

Charleston Moms FAVORITES: 5 Books to Check Out This Summer

Welcome to our series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! Our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and helping us get through the dog days of motherhood.  I love to...