Jennifer Robinson

Jen Robinson is the creative force behind the wellness brand Peaceful Living Wellness which is dedicated to providing a wide-variety of high-quality wellness information. Jen is also the creator of the PLW life coaching division Empowered Through Peace and offers workshops, group coaching and retreats where she guides women in using Mindfulness and Mindset to build their inner strength on a foundation of inner peace. The most important part of Jen’s life are her two very active teenagers, AJ & Layna! Jen’s Mindfulness and Mindset techniques not only inform her parenting, but give her peace-of-mind in facing the challenges of parenting teens!

How’s Your Sex Life?

Yes, I really am asking you how your sex life is doing. A lack of energy for intimacy with their partners is one of the top complaints I hear from my life-coaching clients. When...

Radical Gratitude: A 2020 Challenge

People often ask me, “Jen, how can you be so happy all of the time?” The truth is, I’m not naturally joyous. I have been challenged my entire life - since I was a...

Is Your Child Going to Need a College Course in “Adulting”?

It recently came to my attention that the University of California at Berkeley is offering a course in “Adulting.” This credit/no-credit course is not only turning students away because of its popularity, but it...

Tips for a Relaxing Disney Vacation During COVID-19

Normally, I do not really think of Disney World as a relaxing vacation destination. But after hearing stories of amazingly short lines and no crowds, not to mention the constant begging of our teenage...

Parenting Teens: How “Calm Confidence” Can Help Your Kids Thrive in School

I saved the third part of the Calm Confidence series to focus on school. School is one of the hardest, yet most important, places for your kids to use their calm confidence skills! In the...

Parenting Teens: When “Calm Confidence” Does Not Immediately Change Things

Last month I started a three-part series on how and why to use Calm Confidence with your teenagers. We started out by talking about what Calm Confidence is and how a conversation might go....
mindful communication strategy

Keeping The Peace Under One Roof: Mindful Communication Strategies

Being cooped-up with other people is not the easiest thing in the world. This is especially true when those people are family members! But, whether they are family, roommates, or co-workers (for most of...
Parenting Teens: Why “Calm Confidence” is Important for Both Parent and Teen Charleston Moms

Parenting Teens: Why “Calm Confidence” is Important for Both Parent and Teen

This is the first of a three-part series on parenting teens with Calm Confidence. We start here with an explanation of what Calm Confidence is, why it is important, and how to model it...
Mindfulness Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens: Let Them Experiment?

Live your life as an experiment. Adopt an attitude of, “I’m not sure what will help in this situation, but I’m going to experiment and try this.”  Sometimes the result will be, “Wow, did...
Mindfulness and Mindset for Teens

Parenting Teens: A Dog’s Life Metaphor for Overcoming Anxiety

I have two dogs: Oscar and Lilly. That’s Oscar with the black and white tuxedo and Lilly is the little champagne-colored princess. Oscar is a happy, easy-going guy who loves to go on adventures...