Jill Lederman

Jill Lederman is licensed clinical social worker in South Carolina, meditation teacher, and freelance writer from New York City. She and her husband moved to Charleston three years ago with their cat for a better quality of life—and living it. Jill currently works as a social work case manager. She is also a certified Koru Mindfulness instructor and teaches meditation classes and workshops throughout Charleston. As a former journalist, she has published articles in Edible Charleston, New York Magazine, Time Out New York and various Scholastic News publications, among others. Jill is two years into mama-hood with a fiery toddler, who keeps her on her toes. Jill garners inspiration from the life stories of her resilient clients. Like them, this personal journey into parenthood has encouraged her to share her own experience; one of joy, sorrow, frustration, and empowerment. As a Mlogger, Jill would like think she is putting her practice to the test, which she hopes many can relate to.

When Aging Parents Are Aging You

Do you remember the first time you cried at a movie? I’ll never forget recently seeing my toddler become hysterical while watching, The Lion King. He looked at me with disbelief in his teary eyes. "Simba's...

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Seeing is Believing: Scientific Strategies for Your 2020 Vision Charleston Moms

Seeing is Believing: Scientific Strategies for Your 2020 Vision

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Family Hot Mess to Holiday Success 

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