Karla Ciokiewicz

Hello! My name is Karla Ciokiewicz (bonus points if you can pronounce it). I'm a mom of two girls under two and a wife to my awesome husband Lee. My husband and I moved to Charleston from Indiana after we married in 2016 by orders of the United States Air Force. Since we've been in Charleston we bought our first home, welcomed our two beautiful girls into the world, made lots of new friends and are enjoying everything about the area...except the bugs! To say our life has been busy since we said our I Do's would be a huge understatement, but we are loving the crazy family life we're building together. As a mom of two small children free time is hard to come by, but when I'm not busy wiping up messes, noses or bottoms you can find me at the nearest craft store looking for projects to add to my "to be completed" stockpile

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