Goodbye Without Tears: Sending My First Born to Preschool

The time is here, the time for my first born baby to start his school journey. This milestone has been greatly anticipated by both of us with lots of excitement, anxiety, joy and holding...

Good Night Charleston, Scavenger Hunt Style!

We  recently bought the book Good Night Charleston to celebrate the fact that July 20th was officially our one year anniversary of living in this wonderful city. If you haven't checked out this book series I...

Preschooler Approved Sailboat Activities

As a former teacher, I am always thinking of ways to incorporate learning into my three-year-old's fun-filled days. This summer I have been setting a theme for each week and planning educational activities around...

Charleston Summer Bucket List: 50 Fun Ideas!

Summer is almost half way over! Have you heard "I'm bored" from your kids one too many times already? We’ve come up with 50 fun activities that you can put on your summer bucket list to...

Pocahontas & Vegas: How I Met Your Daddy

In October 2005, my junior year at Purdue University, my life was changed forever. It was the night before Halloween, I was dressed up as Pocahontas and out and about with my fabulous college roommate,...