LeeAnn Neumann

LeeAnn is the owner and photographer behind Chucktown Art, a local business offering photography, graphic design, and social media consulting. She is a strong supporter of lifelong continuing education for the constant development and overall improvement of any craft. LeeAnn created Chucktown Art in 2017, with a desire to share beauty in nature and in experiences that may not otherwise be seen. LeeAnn moved to vacationland (a.k.a. Charleston) with her family on somewhat of a whim after braving Minnesota winters for 10 years. She is the mom of two small boys, two Dalmatians, and a cat!
How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?! Thoughts From A Chronic Hair Washer to Dry Shampoo User

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair? Thoughts From a Chronic Hair Washer to...

How many days can you use dry shampoo? Is dry shampoo good for dry hair? Is it better to use dry shampoo at night? Is it okay to use dry shampoo two days in...

How to Road Trip with Kids

My husband and I are road trip warriors. We met in Myrtle Beach circa 2005 while his family lived in Minneapolis, and mine lived in Indiana. We both had zero family in Myrtle Beach...
Moms to See in the 843: Valerie Skinner, Food Blogger & Personal Chef Charleston Moms

Moms to See in the 843: Valerie Skinner, Food Blogger & Personal Chef

Hey, CHS mamas! I am super excited to introduce you to my friend (and source of daily food inspiration), Valerie Skinner! Valerie is a local personal chef and food blogger (Thyme and Joy). I...
Mompreneur Marketing 101: The Inside Scoop Charleston Moms

Mompreneur Marketing 101: The Inside Scoop

Just because you’re a mompreneur doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur. I’m talking about build-your-OWN-business-up-from-the-ground entrepreneur. You know, the kind that doesn't come with a training manual — the sweat equity, emotions, and...
How to Spend LESS Money at Target Charleston Moms

How to Spend LESS Money at Target

HOW IN THE WORLD DOES IT COST $149 FOR A RETURN AND SOME LIGHT BULBS? Last week, I went to the West Ashley Target (my Target of choice in Charleston), to RETURN an item and...

How to Make Mom Friends in Charleston

Charleston is the number 1 city in America, as named by Travel and Leisure. Most of us came to Charleston from somewhere else, a.k.a. transplant. It is quite possible that you're a new mom...

The Moments Between

We’ve all been there. Work is overwhelming. Motherhood is overwhelming. We’re tired. The shreds of patience are wearing thin(ner) by the moment. So we take the kids to the park, we sit down or...

The Day Someone Pooped in the Pool

We just moved into a community in West Ashley that does not have a neighborhood pool (major bummer!). Living in Charleston, I know you can all relate to the extreme need of cooling off...

5 reasons I Love Living In West Ashley

Location, location, location West Ashley might not come with beach access, but it is pretty conveniently situated to all things CHS. You can get to any of the beaches, downtown, Park Circle, Angel Oak, or...

A Father’s Day Tribute

Raise your hand if you don’t give your husband enough credit, praise, or acknowledgment for being Dad. My hand is raised! As mothers, we (me) often focus inward on our tiredness, our struggles, our...