Pamela Brownstein

A native of New Orleans, who was raised in New Jersey, Pamela has lived in the Lowcountry of South Carolina for the past 15 years — which basically means she talks and drives fast like a Northerner but embraces the natural beauty and friendly, laid-back culture of the South. She graduated with a journalism degree from Penn State, and met her husband, Daniel, while working at a newspaper in Beaufort, SC. The two left-handed parents have two adorable right-handed children — Wolfe, 5, and Selah, 4 — and one unruly black Lab, named Lefty. They live in Mount Pleasant and Pamela works from home as a freelance graphic designer, writer and editor while also taking care of aforementioned children. She loves champagne, Bluegrass music and South Park.

This Is My Jam: Notes From A Music-Lovin’ Mama

“If it starts raining, we’re leaving.” That was my husband’s declaration as we arrived at the outdoor amphitheater in Atlanta. It had taken more than five hours to drive there from our home in Beaufort,...

When Your Kid is a Poor Sport

It’s Saturday morning, and once again I am watching my son’s soccer game from the car. I can’t watch from the sidelines because he’s already flipped out and laid face down on the field...

10 Festive Ideas For A Girls Night Out

With the holidays quickly closing in, it can feel overwhelming as a mom — especially when someone points out: “There’s only seven weekends before Christmas.” — and your already packed schedule has been sent...

Moms to See in the 843: G.M. Whitley

It’s a rare ability to bring people together and create meaningful connections. And it’s a skill that Mount Pleasant resident Guang Ming (G.M.) Whitley possesses in abundance. She uses this strength in all areas...

Surviving the Summer While Working From Home

Summertime presents challenges for all moms, regardless of their job status. Moms who work full-time at an office have to find all day camps or child care. Moms who stay-at-home have to find things...

Finding Your Place at Preschool

Sometimes you know you are in the place you are meant to be. It could be fate, or luck, or a little of both that brought you to that place, but once you’re there,...

My Restaurant Bucket List: 15 Places to Eat and Drink in Charleston

Living in a city with so many amazing restaurants is a blessing and a curse. As someone who loves to try new food and enjoy a leisurely meal with drinks and multiple courses, Charleston...

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

It should come as no surprise that, as someone who has a degree in Journalism and works as a freelance writer, copy editor, graphic designer and blogger, I love to read. And I am passionate...
A southern snowstorm to remember

A Southern Snowstorm to Remember

After a month of singing “White Christmas” and watching North Pole-related movies such as “The Santa Clause” or “The Elf on the Shelf Story,” the dream of seeing snow finally came true for my...
Staying home for the holidays

Staying Home for the Holidays

Each year, around the end of the summer, my husband and I start making travel plans for the holidays. We typically visit one side of the family for Thanksgiving, and the other side of...