Rachel Nigro

Rachel Nigro
Rachel is a new mom and freelance writer who lives with her husband, daughter, and rescue pup in Mt. Pleasant. Rachel is passionate about eating wholesome foods, planning healthy meals, and staying active – although it is extra challenging as a mom! She writes about her journey juggling wellness and motherhood on her blog, Rachel’s Full Plate. Rachel also loves chocolate, coffee, and playing peek-a-boo with her baby girl.
A Letter to My Daughter Born on International Women's Day Charleston Moms

A Letter to My Daughter Born on International Women’s Day

To my daughter, Today is International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate the accomplishments of strong women everywhere and advocate for women's equality across the globe. Today is also your birthday, a day to celebrate you. Over the...
Exhausted, Worried, Helpless_ Tips to Help YOU Through Your Baby's Cold Charleston Moms

Exhausted, Worried, Helpless: Tips to Help YOU Through Your Baby’s Cold

All moms know that taking care of a sick baby is physically and emotionally exhausting. Your heart hurts as they sniffle, you feel worried when they cough, and you feel helpless as they lay...
3 Rules to Break to Make Museums Fun for Kids! Charleston Moms

3 Rules to Break to Make Museums Fun for Kids!

Does taking your child to a quiet museum filled with breakable, valuable, and inanimate artifacts seem like a bad idea? I get it—as a new mom, I can be hesitant to take my child...
I'm Quitting Breastfeeding: Here's How I Really Feel . . .

I’m Quitting Breastfeeding: Here’s How I Really Feel . . .

Frequent feedings, endless pumping sessions, sleepless nights, painful engorgement, clogged ducts—I thought I'd be ecstatic when the day finally came to stop breastfeeding.  But I wasn't. The truth is, it took me a while to...

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