Rhonda James

Rhonda James was born and raised here in Charleston. She received her Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Claflin University where she also met her husband, Leo. Rhonda is a first time mom to a bouncing baby boy. She works full-time as a Museum Program Coordinator and also managers her personal lifestyle blog,Walks of Motherhood. Spending time with her family is her greatest moments. She is also a sucker for Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Starbucks Tevana Tea, and French Fries.

How to Throw a Cheap Birthday Party

For my son's birthday, I felt this immense pressure to throw a huge party for him. I would scroll through Pinterest and see these lavish ideas of how to celebrate your child's birthday party,...

It’s More Than Just Terrible Twos

We recently celebrated my son's second birthday. It literally feels like it was just yesterday that I began to feel contractions and was brought into the hospital, and look at my little guy now....
Creating a Family Christmas Tradition

Creating A Family Christmas Tradition

I remember when I was a child, each year on Christmas Eve my parents would allow my sisters and me to open one Christmas present. We’d take our baths. We’d put on our cozy...
Dear Mom

Dear Mom, How’d You Do It?

Dear Mom,  Mother to mother, I have to ask. How'd you do it? How did you raise me and my older sisters to be the woman that we are today? How did you juggle being...
Hello, Menstrual Cycle

Hello Menstrual Cycle

I know this may sound weird, but I get excited whenever my menstrual cycle starts. Now before you give me the side eye, I know what you're thinking. Why on earth am I excited...
Please Take a Bite for Mommy

Please, Take a Bite For Mommy!

My darling son has just established that he can turn down food. Yes, I have a picky eater.  I've heard stories about picky eaters. You know, the stories where you offer your child everything under...

Becoming a Parent Helped My Need For Perfection

For most of my life I have been a perfectionist. I can’t deny it, nor hide it. I’ve accepted it as a double edge sword. Depending on the day, it works for me, and...

I Forgot To Take Care of Me

You're a mother. You're always busy. It is natural to become consumed with everything happening in your life. You remember your children's schedules. You remember your spouse's schedule. You think about your grocery list,...

I Can’t Get Rid of the Baby Monitor

I remember when I first presented the idea to my husband to get a baby monitor. My son was five months old, and we had transitioned him to sleeping in his own room. I...
I Get It Now

I Get It Now That I’m a Mom

Five years ago, before becoming a mother, my closest friend called me at 2 AM with a quiver in her voice to say, "It's positive." She'd be having her first baby. I was happy...