Scotlyn Phelps

Scotlyn is a New Jersey native, growing up as the oldest of four children with a large extended family (over 100 aunts, uncles and first cousins!) and a few miles from the beach. She now lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband and 2-year-old son. Scotlyn recently left a 12+ year career in Marketing and Event Planning to stay at home full-time with her son and begin a new venture in real estate investment. As a parent of a child with severe food allergies, she brings a unique perspective on navigating daily challenges, overcoming obstacles for our children and creative cooking. She enjoys spending time outdoors, one (or multiple) cups of hot coffee each morning and all types of live music!

6 of My Favorite Parenting Podcasts

I am a total podcast junkie. I got hooked years ago and just absolutely love this medium for consuming all info - parenting tips, world news, funny stories, pop culture updates – everything. I...

How We Are Striving to Be a “Kind Family”

I listened to a podcast when my son was just born about family values and the importance of creating a list of a select few values, that you as a family collectively agree are...

No Social Media – I Dare You!

Early March 2020 I was in the middle of one of my frequent daily social media scrolls and saw someone post “Giving up social media for lent – see y'all in 30 days!”. My immediate...

From Mama to Mom, and Other Changes I’m Not Ready For

While sitting in my son’s Pre-k school parking lot after dropping him off on his first day (no, I haven’t left yet), I am struck with so many emotions. Pride of seeing my two-year-old...

The Special Meaning of Teal Pumpkins

Food allergy life isn’t easy, as I’ve written about in my past articles. Holidays, especially those centered around food (which to be honest is pretty much all of them!) are challenging. Halloween, a night...

Allergy-Friendly Snack Brands for School

Hi! Allergy Mom here with suggestions for allergy-friendly food brands to help in this new school year if your child is in a class with food allergies restrictions. Starting a new school year is...

Just a Boy and His Books

I cannot take credit for the amazing person my son is growing into. I do my best to provide a loving environment where he can be himself. I focus on nurturing his interests and...

A Guide to Local Picnics: 5 Locations and Setup Tips

It’s funny how doing a regular activity in a different way or in a different place, can turn the ordinary into something really special. My family manages severe food allergies, which greatly limits where...

Embracing the Helicopter Mom Life (Food Allergy Awareness)

Nine months of pregnancy prepared me for the moment my son was born. I was ready for my world to change. After 28 hours of grueling labor, the doctor placed my son in my...