Sondra Kilian

Sondra Kilian
Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, SC, Sondra graduated from Wando High School and went on to Maine Maritime Academy where she was in the United States Merchant Marines for 10 years. She sailed as Captain for an emergency response company until she was 6 months pregnant with her sweet little boy Sullivan! After the sudden death of her husband in 2017, Sondra has now hung up her Captain’s hat to start Skip & Sully, Charleston’s only luxury indoor playground, parent’s club and flexible preschool. In her free time, Sondra and Sullivan enjoy traveling around the world together and can’t wait until their next trip! She is also a fitness fanatic (kickboxing, weightlifting & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), book nerd & social butterfly!

Why I Don’t Force My Toddler to Share

Setting the scene: At your favorite local indoor playground, our toddlers are playing together. Soon, the dreaded moment occurs where your child wants the truck my child is playing with and... I DON’T make...

Our 5 Favorite Books (Toddler Approved & Mom Tolerated)

Reading is a daily occurrence in the Kilian household. From the moment my son could hold open his eyes I was reading books to him or around him! I have this vision of us...
PTSD, Depression, anxiety

My PTSD (It’s NOT What You Think)

I used to hate the word “triggered.”  I thought it was some pansy way of making an excuse to not “toughen up,” or persevere through a problem. Everyone says it so lightly, “I’m triggered,” and...
5 Exciting Saint Patrick's Day Activities for Your Preschooler Charleston Moms

5 Exciting Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Your Preschooler

Saint Patrick’s day is a favorite in the Kilian household. It’s an excuse to drink Guinness, eat corned beef, and make shamrock-shaped pancakes all month long! Everyone knows keeping a toddler or preschooler busy for...

Cold Weather Family-Friendly Outings

Without a doubt, I am cold-blooded. I am your chronically cold friend who never dresses in the right material or with the right layers. I embrace warm weather and everything that comes with it. You...

It’s Not All Joy: A Grief Guide to Surviving the Holidays

It was the pie crust that broke me. Three tries. I tried three times, but one was too dry, one was too warm, one was too tough, and by that third ruined one, I couldn’t...

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