Sydney Mcleod-Bryant Barnett

Sydney Mcleod-Bryant Barnett
Born in Boston, but raised in Mount Pleasant, Sydney left South Carolina to go to Lenior-Rhyne College (now University) where she met her husband and graduated with a degree in Political Science. She and her husband moved back to Mount Pleasant in 2012 and are currently living in the family house (zoo) with Audrey who is two, two dogs and two cats. Sydney loves re-familiarizing herself with the city through the eyes of a toddler, traveling, and listening to audiobooks.

The Day the World Stood Still

Growing up, I remember the questions were always... "Where were you when Kennedy died?", "... when MLK Jr. was shot" "...Apollo landed on the Moon?" Listening to the tales, I always wondered what my 'where were you' story would...

The Things I’ve Been Missing

Man oh man has this quarantine/pandemic life been tough! From trying to figure out how to work from home (if you are lucky) to adding short-order cook, daycare teacher, and lion tamer to your...

This Is Not How I Imagined Pre-K Ending

I’m going to be selfish for a bit and say, this is not how I planned for my daughter’s last semester of Pre-K to go! Since most of her friends will be going to...
Sass at Age 5: Give Me Back my Sweet Potato! Charleston Moms

Sass at Age 5 (She Gets It From Me)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA, HAPPY BIRTH . . ." "Mom, hush!" *Insert shocked face* With the new age of five comes lots and lots of sass. Now, my daughter, Audrey, has always been a sassy one. Anyone...
National Cookie Day Challenge Charleston Moms

The National Cookie Day Challenge!

There is this amazing show on Netflix called Nailed It, which is basically a hilarious show about Pinterest fails. If you haven't watched it, you better get to it the next time we have...

Where is Mr. Sandman? (Plus Some Tips For Better Sleep)

Mental Health Awareness month may be in May but the conversation shouldn’t stop once the date hits June 1st.  I asked my father, who is a psychiatrist, what is the one thing that you...

When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade Them For Coffee

If you are a mom, you probably have the gold membership at Starbucks and Dunkin’. You have stock in Folgers and Amazon probably auto-ships you creamer every two weeks. If you ARE this mom,...

How Many Sleeps?

I love holidays. For me, holidays (including my birthday) always bring up such a feeling of excitement. Holidays were always filled with family time, laughter, great food, fun card games, and the ever-popular mixed...

New Year, Same You (A Letter to My Daughter)

It’s 2019, a new year. Whether it’s seeing the ‘lose weight now’ ads or the social media streams of new years resolutions, a new year brings about the thoughts of needing to reevaluate one’s...

Hosting Thanksgiving (Some Lessons Learned)

I went completely nutters. I wish I could put all the blame on my hormones being out of whack as I was pregnant at one point BUT I volunteered AGAIN! I think I have to...

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