Tina Plemmons

Residency training brought Tina to Charleston and after securing her full-time dream job as a clinical pharmacist, she couldn’t leave. Tina was born and raised in Punxsutawney, PA and attended the University of Pittsburgh before coming to the Lowcountry in 2014. She also holds several fitness and coaching certificates: Crossfit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1 and Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism, that she used to coach at Locomotion Fitness in Park Circle. She and her husband Andrew call West Ashley home, along with their two bulldogs, Bosworth and Jackson, and their infant son, Reid. Motherhood has reignited her passion for writing in her "free time" - fueled by lots and lots of coffee.

Manual Breast Pumps: Best Friend or Useless Paperweight?

Before I had my first child, I thought electric breast pumps were the only kind available. It wasn’t until I was a few weeks into the newborn fog, with pumping every three hours around...

Electric Breast Pump Reviews From Real-Life Moms

The world of breast pumps can be very overwhelming! I sought to create a resource of "real-life" reviews from pumping moms to help guide your selection. Below are some common double electric breast pumps...

I Was Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes. Now What?

I’ve been fairly healthy my whole life. I exercised often, ate fairly well, never smoked, drank socially. It was quite a shock when I got the call in my first pregnancy that I had...

5 Unexpected Bright Spots to Look Forward to After Delivering Your Baby

Pregnancy can be a long 40 weeks. I recently just delivered my second baby and found myself looking forward to some unexpected moments this time around. Luckily, I had an uncomplicated delivery so I...

A Tale of Two Pregnancies in a Pandemic

The only time I ever used the word "pandemic" prior to 2020 was when I was studying historical events from long ago in school. Never did I imagine that I'd use the word pandemic...

Why I’m Surviving, and Not Thriving, Right Now (And Why It’s Okay)

I've always been a perfectionist and a planner with high standards and enough stubbornness to make sure the job got done. I had a moment of panic when I was newly pregnant with my...

My First Child Has Four Legs – The Dog

I recently attended a seminar where we were asked to describe ourselves with "I am" statements. I chose the obvious first - I am a female, a mother, a wife. One role I often...

What Big Cats Taught Me About Being a Mother

*Trigger warning: potential loss of a parent. Someone recently said to me “Your son depends on you; without you, he wouldn’t survive.” After they said that I kept debating with myself. Well, my husband would take...