Tori Brown

The military brought Tori and her husband from the upstate of SC down to the Lowcountry back in 2013. She is a stay-at-home mom to a ten month old baby girl who steals her heart every day! She loves being married to her high school sweetheart, her two sweet Australian Shepherd pups, everything outdoors, knitting, and writing on her blog, Simple Life at Home.

Imagining Life Without Technology

Most people reading this don't know anything different. "A time when there was no technology? What? How did people survive?" I wasn't alive in those times either. I remember not wanting to let go...
Starting a Vegetable Garden_ Harvest Wisdom and Consider Any Food a Bonus Charleston Moms

Starting a Vegetable Garden: Harvest Wisdom and Consider Any Food a Bonus

The smell of that first ripe tomato, the taste of that first freshly-picked summer squash. . . The obvious reason anyone starts a vegetable garden is to grow their own food to eat. But what...
Counting My Blessings While Quarantined Charleston Moms

Counting Our Blessings While Quarantined

We are told to stay home. Events are canceled. Jobs have become remote. Church pews are empty. Store shelves are bare. Fear fills the minds of many. How can there be any good that comes from being quarantined because of...
7 Off the Beaten Path Date Ideas in Charleston Charleston Moms

7 Off the Beaten Path Date Ideas in Charleston

It's no secret that Charleston is one of the most charming cities in America, and while it has a lot of popular places to eat and explore, there are some sweet places tucked away...
5 Secret Family Recipes for the Holidays Charleston Moms

5 Secret Family Recipes for the Holidays

Holidays are about bringing people together and, especially here in the South, I believe there is no better way to serve your family and friends than to prepare them something good to eat. As...

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