{Back to School} 2015 Teen Girl Trends


It seems like just yesterday I was starting high school. I remember thinking I knew it all. Now, as I sit here typing this post my own baby is starting high school this year, and yes, she thinks she knows it all too. 9th grade. Where has the time gone? My how life changes when you are older. I am reminded very quickly how much the fashion & trends have too changed since I was in her shoes. Of course when I decided to share this post with you I knew there would simply be no way I could write this without having her help me. So with the help of my (gasp!) 14 year old HIGH SCHOOL-ER, here are some back to school trends floating around among local teens for 2015.

trends Collage

1. Jack Rogers . The ultimate sandal that can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

2. Alex and Ani. These cute bracelets can be charmed to fit your own personality.

3. Tervis Cups & Tumblers

4. Vera Bradley. I am told this goes for bags, purses, wallets, & lunch boxes. That pretty much covers that.

5. Skinny Jeans.

6. The High Low Dress.

7. Converse. The original Chuck Taylor All Star. Some things never change, and in this case… I am glad.

8. Anchors. Anchor patterns & themes can be found on everything from jewelry to clothes!

9.  Chevron. Apparently just about anything can be found in this pattern.

10.  Infinity Scarves.

11. High Wasted Skirts, Pants, & Shorts.

12. Maxi Skirts.

13. Loose Fit Tank Tops.

14. Monograms…on EVERYTHING!

15. Starbucks!

What are some of your teen girls favorite brands, accessories, and styles? Share them with us!




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