Fall Photo Shoots: What to Wear



One of the MANY, many things I love about my career is seeing what outfits my clients wear to their shoots! I love seeing how a mom can coordinate everyone in her family to match, but remain different at the same time. Or when I do a portrait session and they are dressed to rock the shoot.

I hear so often when a client is scheduling a session with me for the first time, “What on earth should we/I wear?” (this along with the where do we shoot)! I have compiled a few tips when to help you decide what to wear for your fall photo shoot.

  • Coordinate. Choose 1-3 colors with similar tones that match nicely together and have everyone’s outfit work within that color palette. Solids and patterns that are similar in color, but not an exact match are so beautiful!
  • Be comfortable! If you know you have to walk a bit in your session, wear comfy shoes. You can even wear flip flops and change once you get to your spot.  If you know it’ll be chilly wear warmer clothes (even if its a sweater you can take off), and so on. Trust me, being comfortable will make your session go much better!
  • Avoid wearing white during midday photo sessions. This is not a total must, however it is a good rule of thumb. The contrast between the sun and white will make you appear to be blown out.
  • Show your personality! Whether its sporting your favorite team or hobby, go for it.

Great ideas for fall sessions are jeans, boots, scarves, sweaters, & flannels! Here are some great colors & style ideas from my own clients:






What are you wearing for your fall photo shoots?