Maternity Style: Places to Shop


I have to say that I am not known to be on the cutting edge of fashion. I would describe my style as simple and classic with a few quirky pieces. I also love a good deal, and I never pay full price for clothes! Especially when dealing with maternity clothes, I don’t want to spend a lot considering the shelf life of most pieces is only a few months.

Below I have listed my favorite, cost-friendly maternity brands:

  1. Old Navy – great for basics and maxi dresses. I am not a huge fan of their maternity jeans. They ride down on me. A small selection is available in stores with a lot more options online. Plus, returns are super easy.
  2. Gap – they had a better selection during my first pregnancy, but check out the sales! Easy returns to the store or by mail.
  3. ASOS – They have good, trendy options and easy returns by mail. Free shipping both ways! This is where I bought my baby shower dress!
  4. Loft– I love my Loft maternity jeans. They are super comfy. Maternity returns are not accepted in the store, and it cost $8 to use the provided mailed label. Found this out the hard way…tear…
  5. H&M– They have some maternity options online. The styles are okay, and they accept maternity returns at the store downtown.
  6. Target– Good bathing suit options and available in stores and online with easy returns.

As you can tell from my list above I ordered almost all of my maternity clothes online and returned what didn’t work. It is so hard to find maternity in stores, and I found the online process easier. There are a few maternity stores locally if you want to venture out! I wasn’t able to find any great deals, and prices seemed a little high at some. I also didn’t have much luck at consignment shops, but you never know!

There are also a few clothing mail services that offer maternity. I loved Le Tote after my daughter was born, but I stopped my account recently because the maternity selection was lacking, especially for the price. Here is my referral code though if you want to check it out ( I also tried out Stitch Fix recently. They offer maternity and send you a styled box for a $20 fee (applied to your order if you keep any pieces). I love this services for finding unique maternity options. I did find their clothes a little pricey for the quality though. But again, here is a link if you want to try it out (

For my second pregnancy, I have found myself getting pieces that I will be able to wear after baby, think flowy tops and dresses. Also, don’t forget to raid your current closet. I found a lot of tops that still fit! There are so many options for every shape, size, and budget so you can still be super fashionable during all 40 weeks of your pregnancy! I am currently wearing a big t-shirt and pants with elastic…super fashionable!


What are your favorite maternity clothing shops and websites?