Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife + A Promo Code!

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One of my favorite sounds growing up was the sound of nice, crisp heels on a ceramic floor. To me, that sound meant power, chic style, and importance. Now when I hear that sound, I think that someone’s feet MUST be hurting! 

I’ve worn my fair share of heels. College/sorority days, weddings, working in corporate America. Once I became pregnant though, the shift of my shoe selection officially began. For one, who wants to wear heels at eight months pregnant?! No thanks. And two, I had packed on so much water weight that I had to buy flats in WIDE sizes. Towards the end the only shoes I could wear to work were my (untied) sneakers.

I quickly realized that gone were the days of high heels unless required for very specific events. My mission shifted from finding the cutest heels (regardless of practicality), to finding the most comfortable flats that can be worn for any occasion.

And in walks Mox Shoes!

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
No bulky shoe box to have to throw away! They arrived in this cute biodegradable, reusable string bag.

One of the things that really caught my attention about these shoes (besides how obviously cute they are) was that they were created BY moms, FOR moms. Mox Shoes was created by two stay-at-home-moms, with five girls between the two of them. They saw a need for, and had the inspiration, to make fashionable, yet practical, shoes for tweens to moms and beyond. 

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Okay Mox, challenge accepted!

My first occasion to try out my new shoes was at a three-year-old’s birthday party at the Children’s Museum.  So this meant lots of chasing my daughter around, or standing in the same spot while she played. Typically after fifteen minutes of either activity, my feet are on FIRE, and I’m quickly looking for a place to sit. However, wearing my new Mox Shoes, I didn’t even think twice about my feet at all during the party! Not even once! They were surprisingly comfortable and it was a pleasant walk back to the car as neither my feet, nor my child, were screaming. Win-win for all!

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
Ready to see if my Mox Shoes can withstand a kids birthday party!

Mox-1, Sydney’s feet-0

The second occasion I had to test out my new shoes was at work where I spend roughly 75% of my time. I work in an office, so I’m sitting pretty much the entire day. Because of that, my feet tend to swell a bit and and shoes start to hurt when I get up to walk. But when I stood up to walk while wearing my new Mox, they hugged my feet like a best friend saying, “I’ve got you.” It was seriously like walking on air. Again, forgot I even had feet which is a nice change from the uncomfortable reminders I’m used to getting! The shoe was snug in a way that I knew it wasn’t going to slip off, but allowed my foot to mold and bend to the shoe as I walked.

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
Staying comfortable in my Mox Shoes at work

Mox-2, Sydney’s feet-0

My last real test for my Mox Shoes was seeing how they would do in our crazy Lowcountry weather. Living in South Carolina, you quickly learn that when it’s summer time, you know exactly what you will be getting.



and hot with rain.

Not exactly the type of weather one likes when one sweats a lot….even through the bottom of their feet! It just so happened that when I was wearing my Mox, I got to experience the typical South Carolina summer weather pattern. Only this time was different for me. This time I was wearing shoes that have a basket weave pattern, allowing for air to constantly pass through and thereby eliminating my not-so-pleasant sweating problem. And because the shoes are made out of 100% rubber, I can walk through water without worrying about them getting ruined, or worrying about how I’m going to get them dry (and what they might smell like after they do!)

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
So freeing to know that I could walk through this fountain with my shoes ON!

Mox-3, Sydney’s feet-0

Speaking of getting dirty, I must also mention that if these shoes do get dirty, you can literally just wipe them down and they are as good as new! Talk about an #easybutton for us busy moms! 

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
Quick clean for my Mox Shoes

Well Mox, not only did you make a super cute and comfortable shoe for us busy moms, but you delivered a great shoe that I didn’t even know I needed! Now that I’ve discovered Mox Shoes, I’m hooked! They are such a great lightweight shoe and perfect for any occasion, whether you’re running around with your kiddo or having a date night with your spouse. Did I mention that they come in eleven colors?! What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Mox Shoes website and use your discount code, CHS10. Offer ends on July 13th though, so hurry before your favorite colors are sold out!

Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
I LOVE my Mox Shoes!
Mox Shoes; The Perfect Shoe For Your Busy #Momlife
Mox Shoes in Gold

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