4 APPEALING Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 


Apples, apples, apples!

Growing up, one of my chores was to pick up the fallen apples from my backyard. I usually made a game out of it, trying to throw the rotten apples directly into the compost piles from wherever I was standing. 

Sometimes, missing my mark, the rotten apple splattered into apple mash by hitting a tree trunk or a fence. I would then have to retrieve the smushy apple. Sticky hands were not my favorite part of the job. 

5 SIMPLE Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 

This summer, my family’s old apple tree split. It is the end of an era. Although I usually dreaded apple season in my childhood, once I moved away and had children of my own, I wanted my kids to experience the fun of apples: picking, collecting, creating, and eating! I have such happy memories of my family home wrapped with the smell of warm apples on the stove–helping my mom strain the cooked apples to create homemade, just-right apple sauce. 

Now that I live in South Carolina and the heat goes on and on and on…I don’t have the same opportunity to pick apples from my backyard like I did when I lived in the Midwest (although there are some nearby apple orchards perfect for a day trip! Check out here!). Regardless of where I live, every autumn, after school starts, I get nostalgic for apple season. Even if it’s just picking apples from the grocery store, my family’s love of apples finds its way into our house. Hold the iced pumpkin-spiced latte, here are four SIMPLE, “appealing” apple recipes that my five-year-old son and I prepare as we try to use all things apple. 

Instant Pot Apple Sauce

I LOVE homemade apple sauce. I’ve even had my parents transport jars of it in their luggage when they come to visit! (Sorry TSA for the weird luggage!) There’s just something about the homemade quality that can’t be replicated in a store-bought jar. 

Here is one of the simplest recipes using an instant pot. Because the process produces small batches, it’s really fun to experiment how changing the kind of apples or mixing and matching apple types changes the flavor. I’ve seen people peel or not peel apples, but since we don’t have a strainer specifically for apple sauce, I prefer to peel.

Enjoy with graham crackers or ice cream!

Try it out here.

5 SIMPLE Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 

Apple Chips

This is one of my favorite ways to make the house smell like fall! I first started making apple chips when my son was still teething. The texture is great, as you can make them crispy or mushy depending on how thick you cut the apple slices and how long you cook them. 

If you do have young eater, as with all new food textures, be sure to watch them closely. It’s easy to pull a big chunk off depending on how the apple bakes.

Get the recipe here.

Apple Cookie

Do your kids love cookies? This is a fun one as the options are endless. I love giving my kids choices and seeing what they create. Some of our favorite toppings include chocolate chips and cheerios.

Check out the options here.

5 SIMPLE Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 

The Apple Platter

This is a dish my son created last year. He was so proud because he could assemble all the ingredients himself. You can use any nut butter you have on hand, but my son especially enjoys the peanut butter powder because its just one more step that he does “himself” by adding the water and mixing it together. 

Here’s the recipe: 

  1. Find a dish that is big enough for all your ingredients and a small bowl that will hold your dipping sauce. You can add a spoon to help spread your nut butter. 
  2. Prepare your ingredients: Cut your apples into slices, get your cheese, and any other ingredient you want, like graham crackers, pretzels, celery, or bread. Add them to your dish. 
  3. Add/Mix your nut butter in your bowl. You can also add chocolate chips, raisins, seeds, or cinnamon to your nut butter for different tastes. 
  4. Eat and enjoy! 

5 SIMPLE Apple Snack Recipes Your Child will LOVE! 

Want more fall-inspired recipes? Be sure to check out this spooky CM link.

What’s your favorite way to eat apples with your kids? Share in the comments below.