Rotisserie Chicken Recipe: White Bean Chicken Chili


White Bean Chicken Chili is my go-to summer chili recipe. It’s intensely flavorful and packed full of healthy summer veggies. It’s the perfect soup to make use of the squash, peppers, and corn that are so plentiful here in Lowcountry summer gardens. Plus, it uses a pre-made Rotisserie Chicken so your time in a hot kitchen is at a minimum! My easy recipe makes a big batch so it’s a great choice when you’ve got to feed a crowd or if you want to freeze some for later. And I love bringing this to new moms – it’s easy to eat, comforting and nourishing.JLOkitchens recipe white bean chicken chili

If you read my post last month, you know I love a good Rotisserie Chicken! They’re delicious served straight up for dinner but they really add value in recipes that require cooked chicken – like soups, salad and casseroles. So why go to the trouble to roast or poach raw chicken when you can get a moist, already-cooked chicken from the store? And for practically the same price or LESS! 

Another reason I love this recipe is because it’s a lighter, healthier version of chili with lots of veggies. Plus it uses pureed white beans to thicken the chicken chili – no flour or cream needed! And for the truly picky eaters, you can even puree the onions, peppers and zucchini together after cooking so none of your kids can pick them out. 

I hope you enjoy my recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili – it’s a favorite among my friends and family!

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