What’s in My Costco Cart?


“My three-year-old eats everything and meal prep is super easy,” said no parent ever.

Feeding toddlers is no small feat, especially when there are multiple conflicting opinions about every meal. Luckily for our family, we’ve found a few crowd-pleasers at Costco. Today, I’m here to share with you one day’s worth of tried-and-true, kid-friendly meals!

Leisurely Breakfast

Ninety percent of the time, breakfast at our house consists of eggs. Our kids enjoy them scrambled with a side of buttered toast.


“We’re Late for Soccer Practice” Breakfast

But some days, we’re in too big of a rush to bust out a skillet. On those days, it’s yogurt and granola for the win! Over the years, I’ve become hyper-aware of how much added sugar is in the foods we consume, and I’ve tried to get better at purchasing products with less sugar. I’m a fan of this Keto-friendly granola (with 0g of added sugar) paired with Kirkland’s Greek Yogurt, albeit always a messy choice.


Morning Snack

Kirkland Peanut Butter Pretzels are just too easy not to keep in the pantry. Toss them in a snack cup and minimize car tantrums.


I recently stumbled across the Amylu brand chicken burgers. They come in a variety of flavors and are fully cooked, so they provide a quick five-minute meal. I cut them into smaller bites and the kids dip them in ketchup, without a bun or any of the typical burger toppings. For sides, I usually add sliced avocado, as well as Kirkland Organic Dried Mangoes (no added sugar!) or something else from the pantry. (Tip: If your Costco sells Marco Polo Sweet Pickled Red Onions, they’re divine on top of the burgers!)


Afternoon Snack

These meat and cheese packets are a favorite snack for our family. They are individually wrapped and everything is already bite-sized, making them a quick grab-and-go favorite before heading out the door for our afternoon adventure.


One of our favorite family dinners is tacos, specifically using the ingredients below. The Del Real Carnitas comes with two individually wrapped packages of slow-cooked pork carnitas, so it’s great for two meals. To prepare, you add a little water to a skillet and cook for about 6-8 minutes. While the meat is cooking, you can cut toppings (i.e. tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cilantro, etc.). Once the meat is cooked, I suggest setting it aside and preparing the taco shells one by one. The Tortilla Land Tacos are our favorite and the absolute only ones we purchase now! They’re uncooked, which means they are perfectly crispy and hot every single time. You just heat one side until the shell forms bubbles, flip it, add cheese, and toss the meat and other toppings inside when the cheese is melted. We serve tacos with a fresh fruit or vegetable. Lastly, Spindrift water is our absolute favorite. Our kids call it “special water,” and it’s what they drink instead of juice.


What’s a fool-proof meal your family is enjoying these days? Be sure to share it in the comments below!